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Are these diffs/axles junk?

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So amongst the masses of spare parts I have kicking around for disposal I have these two rear axles / differentials.


First one was from an XE Fairmont Ghia (i6/auto) and is 2.77 ratio, limited slip and disc brake.

Second one from a ZK Fairlane (v8/auto) and is 2.92 ratio, limited slip and disc brake.


Both have been in the weather for roughly 10 years. Are either of these desirable ratio's? Usable for anything other than what they came out of? Do I bother asking money for them or will they be scrap?


I just don't know if there's any demand for them as I guess E-series parts are the usual go-to, right?







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I’d be checking the insides of the 2.92 out 

depends if the breather has in jested any water/moisture over its hiatus . 
also measure disc thickness and if they have a lip on them ,, “ could be skimmed flat “ 


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the issue is.. once they are gone they are gone.
someone will want them at some stage, 
even if just to use for a diff conversion(BGDAV needed to supply one for his 9"  into XE) 

i'd definitely make sure the brake stuff is kept, springs, slides pins etc .. RARE now.

if space is an issue and you can't be bothered keeping the whole diffs, i'd also pull the centers out of both(easy LSD for someone with a drum diff even)

that said, i've thrown a few out due to having no value when offered for sale (back 10yrs ago)

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