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TMeyer Track Boss thermostats are the best on the market atm, for 302/351C, plus 351M/400 engines.

Might be cheaper to purchase direct from TMeyer themselves, if you can wait for shipping.






Dayco DT66A is similar, but apparently crap quality now.

They used to be supplied from the same mob who make the TrackBoss/Robert Shaw ones - Caltherm in the USA

(previously called Robert Shaw Controls, then Cooper Standard Automotive)




Here's some other part numbers for Cleveland specific thermostats -


Stant 180 29468 Cleveland specific; this is the one I used
Stant 192 29469 Cleveland specific
Stant 180 13468 Cleveland specific
Stant 192 13469 Cleveland specific
Stant 192 S-346-192  
Gates 180 33128 Cleveland specific
Gates 192 33129 Cleveland specific
RobertShaw 180 333-180 Cleveland specific
Ford/Motorcraft 180 RT-310 Cleveland specific
Ford/Motorcraft 192 RT-139 Cleveland specific; 70-73 351C,351CJ, & Boss 351
Ford 180 D7PZ-8575-A Cleveland specific
Napa 180 197 Cleveland specific

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Near on 100 bucks  for a thermostat ?   There's been so much talk of Clevo specific thermostats like these of late . For many years no one bothered or even heard of this and didn't have issues ..  Sure seems like a social media following to fix other issues ?????


Opening up for discussion :) 

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Yeah, I've run both the DT66 and the current 351 has a TMeyer jobby, no real difference.  The DT66a ran fine with an XF 6cyl radiator, the TMeyer is running cool with a standard XB 3 core.

Both with standard fan and spacer with shroud. 

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