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Speedo correction help.

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Hey guys, fitted my 9" with 3.5 gears, and changed the speedo drive to suit (3.55 with FMX) but speedo is still 10kays too fast. Reads 60 and GPS reads 50km/h.

This will be out because my wheels and tyres were changed, and the new boots are taller.

My question is, which way should I go to correct the discrepancy,  more teeth on the gear drive, or less.??  

It will be way easier and heaps cheaper to change the speedo gear than buy new tyres......


It's a cable drive in an XB, so Jaycar speedo correction boxes are a not an option. 




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say it has a 19 tooth gear in now. 
a 21 tooth will slow it down roughly 20% from what i understand
(one tooth makes about 10% difference according to the mob i used to deal with back in the day) 


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