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Vibrations over 85 Kph

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Recent gearbox swap from toploader to a c4 with 3k stalkier in a xy

Once hitting around 85kph and over I get a surging vibration ,during 

swap I had new tail shaft balanced with new uni’s ect.

i’m having Tail shaft  re checked tomorrow but i thinking it’s going

to be something more deep then tailshaft anyone had anything similar 

with this transmission swap.


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From memory that exact type of vibration, is often caused by an out of balance torque converter.

I'd try another torque converter, tbh.


Another possibility, is a mismatched crankshaft harmonic balancer - can occur if the original flywheel, crankshaft and front balancer,

were originally balanced as a matching set.

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Dam it I jumped the gun it still vibrates on highway cruising at 2600rpm

and above, also feel a lighter vibration in park in same rpm range and above

talking to gearbox builder and he believes the Clevo most likely balanced to previous 


were are considered adding some weight to flex plate and observing it gets

better or worse without pulling c4 out yet🤞

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