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XF crossflow flywheel

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Just now, CHESTNUTXE said:

i know the ea 1 is,with borgy auto,not sure about the later ones.



as part of my engine build, im thinking of replacing my flywheel which has been machined plenty of times, with a brand new one. cant seem to find brand new crossflow flywheels, but can find EB ones brand new. 


I maybe pedantic, but i figure if the rest of the engine and driveline, inc. gearbox and diff is new/recoed, why not start with everything new? 


so if you know anywhere i can purchase brand new flywheels, that would also help 

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On 11/24/2019 at 11:45 AM, Mustardxf2 said:

NPC do a lightened flywheel for the crossflow, which I believe is a 4l flywheel drilled to suit crossflow, accepts 10.5” clutch with 6 bolt pattern and dowels instead of 3 bolts.

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thanks mate. legend. I will check it out. 

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