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Steve. Jag

Quarter windows.

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Definitely don't smash a quarter window if you can help it. They are the most expensive bit of glass on a car

I can't remember specifically, but as Dean said it's probably a case of cutting out the silicone adhesive from the inside with a sharp blade.

I don't think these have nuts/bolts as well like a commodore but if they do there will be three.

If it's a rubber bound type, they undo from the inside by lifting the edge of the rubber as you gently push the window outwards. Have someone around to help catch it if so.

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I've had to do this twice, once for my XF (which were openable and had hinges), and once for my XH (which were fixed and did not open). Both times I got them out was using a Stanley knife and scored the window along the outside edges from the inside to cut through the silicon. Then (very gently!) push in from the outside: I actually taped a tea-towel to the inside after I finished cutting, so when I pushed the window back in, it would fall against something soft, rather then fall in and shatter (and @2redrovers is correct, those glass panes are fucking expensive). The XF was a bitch, because it was made to move and has holes punched through it, so the pane is a lot more fragile and needs the hinges unscrewed first.


I can't remember if the XG has fixed or hinged quarter windows.....?

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