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GPS Speedo Gauge

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I'm going to be changing out the original XF dash for aftermarket gauges. First thing I need is a cheapish speedo to get me out of trouble for a bit. I want to use a GPS speedo.


Anyone got any experience or feedback on something like this?


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54 minutes ago, hendrixhc said:

You can always just use a gps app on your phone temporarily to get you by.


 I did think about that, or using the TomTom, but I have to get a speedo gauge at some stage, and comparing the EBay cheapies to the more expensive jobbies I'll be buggered if I can tell the difference in the way they look. Unless they all use the same casings but different internals??? They seem to jump from up to $150 or so, straight to $600 for a name brand.


For the $92 I'll just grab one and give it a go.


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