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Looking for 250 crossflow extractors

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Agree totally with dean. Adding headers to this car will be a waste of time and money. It you are worried about originality, it is ruined as soon as the bonnet opens to. I suggest leave it as is or do a muffler swap only.


The headers will make almost zero difference to your power. The exhaust manifolds are not what limit these engines in stock configuration.

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My Silver XE S-pak I drove on my P's I had standard manifold, exhaust fitters used a 3" long 2" pipe from standard flange to a full 2.5" exhaust, lost a little torque from 1000-1600 but after that it picked up. & When I fitted Pacemaker extractors & 100 cell cat to my XF ute (already had 2.5" cat back & 214°.495" Cam), only really made a bit more power after 3000 rpm (till valve float 😕) other wise only made a little difference. Same exhaust on my built xflow sounds another thing altogether tho,

I like the Hooker aerochamber muffler sounds nice on anything,

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