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302 Windsor running hot

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Looking for a bit of advise. I have a 302 Windsor in a Cortina. I bought it as is, looked to be rebuilt recently. I have replaced the water pump, thermostat and housing, running a 3 core radiator and the thing runs at about 200F. The radiator is brand new and not blocked, there are 2 x 8 inch fans pushing air from in front of the rad. Any ideas why it's running so hot? I would have thought something like this would run around 180?

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On 20 August 2018 at 3:57 PM, bear351c said:

Igniton timing OK ?

Plug heat range ?

Belt slipping ?

Rad hose collapsing ?

Wrong themostat ?

Timing has been checked

not sure about the plugs, will check them

belt is fine, radiator hose is good and the thermostat is a 71 degree

20 hours ago, CHESTNUTXE said:

shouldnt the fans be behind the rad ?

There's no room behing the radiator for any kind of fan

16 hours ago, deankdx said:

might be better with one big fan than 2x  8"..  

Thats my next thing to try

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It’s not way hot but I get why you worry. Have you checked with a tissue that the fans are wired up and blowing the right way? Just feeling isn’t good enough. Other than that is sounds like you have checked all the basics so it’s onto the engine rebuild. How much was it over bored? Did they put head stud sealant on the outer head bolts? If not it may have a blow head gasket. If they put the head gaskets on backwards the overheating will be instant and uncontrollable. I’d check the water pump too as Thom said. You may have to remove it to check this.

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