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Efi 2barrel efi kits verse Holley carby.

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Well  as a update:


im about try order this , but keep running into import charges that are adding a few 100 to the cost.. 


Looking at all options from Holley and FiTech, yet still getting slugged with import charges.. checking out govt websites I shouldn’t have to pay a import  charge on under 1k total including postage ..


So hunting hard to try find the best deal.. of course I’d rather Holley but those import charges add another 300+ I’d rather not deal with.. at the end of the day it’s not that cheap, especially thanks to the import charges..hmmmm.. I will keep hunting ,but any tips on buying?

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Further Update: grew up in the States and  have family there so  im all sorted now..got a good deal!

2 barrel sniper master kit is sorted and on way.. I will do a thread on OZfalcon to show it’s fit up.

I could have gone the 4 barrel version, but for what I’m doing there’s no point.. the flow is around 500cfm from a 2 barrel Sniper  and I suspect it may atomise better on a mild 4.0 or 4.1.


im keeping the Redline Tourqer manifold for the moment to compare against others at a latter date.

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