Mig welders!

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You can reco those non-detatchable guns, did it a couple times on my old welder. Replace the liner with a generic off the shelf replacement and make sure all contacts and joins are good/sealed (gas line runs through the trigger on those)
My very well used unimig 180.
The problematic relay is the blue one in upper center of the board.
If it sticks I get a dull click out of the other relay, no gas flow and no wire feed. It seems to be the one that makes the wire actually feed out and turns on the voltage to it.

Some welders are basically live all the time, older basic models without the voltage reduction circuit. A problem with yours maybe related to this or it could be that the voltage side is functional but the feed isn't. End up with a live wire that doesn't move. I had something like this when my unimig cracked it the first time. Fixed under warranty, guy stopped short of actually agreeing with me that I just wore it out lol.

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