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what gearbox?

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Hi all, I have an 1982 Xe which I have converted to a 351, it runs at 2700rpm at 100kmh. I am looking at changing the diff ratio as I have put in an XR6 rear end to get disc brakes. I believe the ratio is 3.45. I have also been told to convert my gearbox from a three speed to a 4 speed for better top end revs. Can anyone advise me if this is possiobly and which box would i need and what modifications?

Cheers Sacko7

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All depends on what you want the car for.....  3.45 is a good all round ratio for economy and sprint off the line, most Clevo Automatics are 3 speed, (FMX, C4 etc) in XA, XD and similar vehicles. If you plan on going on 1200 kms trips, then you need more of a lower ratio, say 3.00 or even 2.92. The Clevo will be happy at 110km/h with a 3.45, but the revs will be slightly higher, so more fuel used and possibly a lot more noise in the cabin. I'm running 3.55 in my XB, with an FMX, and absolutely love it. But I wouldn;t drive from Perth to Sydney in it. 

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