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  1. Stevemack

    Painting of racecar

    Not sure why it posted twice sorry
  2. Stevemack

    Painting of racecar

    Some progress this week, finally got some colour on it, just the body kit and bumpers to go. Spent too long trying to make it super smooth, then came to the realisation that it's a race car! It'll probably get a couple of dings and scratches first time out anyway. It's very very green, but not to fear Stick This decals is hooking me up with some funky bonnet and side styling, should have them next week!
  3. Stevemack

    Painting of racecar

    Hopefully Trev, should be painted and stickered in the next fortnight, I've got another respray after that then I can put it back together.
  4. Stevemack

    Painting of racecar

    So it's been a while since I started doing some work on the race car, lots been happening but got back into it over Christmas. Now you may remember that I had decided to go with the Peter Jackson colours.......well this happened. I know it looks as if it's going to be a greens tuf lookalike but it's not, it is going to be a retro throwback though. Painting happening now stay tuned.
  5. Stevemack

    351 cleveland correct thermostat

    I run one out of a CASE IH tractor, opens up huge, no problem with flow. An old ford mechanic told me about it years ago, cant remember the part number though but might be able to find out if you need it.
  6. Stevemack

    Who can do a good wheel alignment "vic"

    Yeah Pedders for me too, the local shop in Bendigo does a really good job.
  7. Stevemack

    AU 4.0 standard crank - how much can it handle

    Yeah it is, the only non off the shelf ford parts are the pistons and the ecu, other than that its all ford. The first engine split the block in two straight down the middle when number three let go at 7500rpm! This one still has a standard head too, no port work or bigger valves. Big cam though.
  8. Stevemack

    AU 4.0 standard crank - how much can it handle

    I run the hybrid engine between EL and AU and i had mine fully balanced, it was dynoes at 220KW at the wheels and i regularly spin it to 7k for long periods. Hasnt broken yet.
  9. Stevemack

    single rail, best oil?

    Good old 80/90 mate.
  10. Stevemack

    XH V8 wont run on petrol

    Have you got injector pulse?
  11. Stevemack

    Help needed. BA rough idle issue.

    Sounds like an injector is leaking down overnight perhaps? Would dissappear for the rest of the day, had plenty through the workshop. If you have time, pop the plugs out first thing in the morning, then put some cardboard over the top of the holes and turn it over, if there is fuel in there you will see it on the cardboard. Worth trying.
  12. Stevemack

    Painting of racecar

    Went down the shed to do some work on the race car, did this instead
  13. Stevemack

    Fuel pumps for mild 4.0ltr

    Lol, Dave, it's got an EA 5 speed that hasnt broken in 6 years, and 3.23 locked diff, which also hasn't broken yet. Engine is hybrid EL/AU balanced bottom end, 12:1 comp, standard head with no porting but lumpy cam, makes power from 2000 to 6500, but will rev to 7500 with no breakages. Magna blue top injectors, standard pump, has a piggy back chip, (cant remember brand) tuned by Howe Autos in Daylesford. Need more power though, will keep up with worked 8's for most of the track but they just get away a bit quicker out of the corners. Currently getting a turbo rebuild, and paint etc. Pics in other post Painting of race car.
  14. Stevemack

    Fuel pumps for mild 4.0ltr

    I'm getting 240KW at the wheels with stock pump and Magna blue tops, still got more till maxed out too.
  15. Stevemack

    Painting of racecar

    Been doing some bar work and seam stitching in the car last month or so, but this week got some fun bits turn up!! Gt3540 turbo, 700mm intercooler, 12 psi 50mm wastegate and GReddy blow off.