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  1. Oh yeah I guess, you could use a spare peice of pipe. But then the blade wouldn't cut right through, or at least it would be quite difficult I imagine with it butting against the pipe. Beleive me, t-bolt clamp and a stanley knife make it super clean and very straight as using the clamp as the guide
  2. I bought some alloy bends, silicone hose bends and t-bolt clamps from Aeroflow to make the Intercooler Piping. Some careful measureing and cutting, some tig welding and here is the end result. Here is the video of it https://youtu.be/4IV5Vhu8TMo
  3. The cortina top mounts (standard) are like that also. They are welded to the top of the radiator and then claw over and get bolted down. I didn't want any mounts to be seen in that radiator support area at all so I went with the different route. Leo sadly is flat chat with school, even filming he was only able to help me for a small while. I will get him back in there soon though. He has a model car build of his own that he'll be doing soon.
  4. "On this episode of Australian Cortina ...." Bought a new alloy radiator, its a VR VS Commodore unit. Just removed the brackets and plates for the standard commodore thermos. Welded on some brackets to mount it up onto the end tanks. Also cut out the standard cortina radiator mounting area at the bottom towards the front apron lip and made a new one which sits the new radiator further down. Made some pedestal mounts for the radiator dowels and it works like a champ. Here is a video showing the whole process
  5. I'd rather the radiator fit like it was supposed to. But since the company wouldn't give a refund till they received the radiator back and that was going to cost me $200, then they agreed to give me half my money back. So with a now very cheap radiator, I thought just simply cutting the end tanks off and shortening would fix the issue and as you saw in the video, it didn't. But theres no way I'd hack into the side supports. There should always be an option to get something that fits everytime over chopping stuff out. The new radiator I have fits much better width wise at the moment. A few more little changes and it'll be in there like a champ. But that's in Part 2. Yes, very strong little unit. But Leo still did a fine job of messing it up. Its actually bend like a banana now. The stomping didn't seem like it was doing anything but it bent in alright
  6. Ok, I'm gonna make a thread that contains all the videos in one area. This is the latest. Under Construction EP3
  7. Yes, exactly right.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to cover all bases and it gets very tricky. And even worse when I don't get much feedback from viewers at all. Alot of the viewers are my sons friends and they love the bloopers. So again trying to cover all bases, younger ones like the funny stuff, the older gen like the serious stuff. I try to add abit of "comedy" here and there as even to watch my own stuff back sometimes can be quite boring. The under construction videos are on the serious side and the new line of videos that are coming up will be different again to what we have done to catch up to what we are currently upto with the cortina. But thanks again for any feedback, much appreciated.
  9. So your not a fan of the bloopers? If your you have admin rights or someone that does see's this post, I don't mind them all going onto one thread. I'm easy
  10. "On todays episode of Australian Cortina ..." Did some modifying of the Throttle Body. It had these 2 pipes coming out of it which were for vacuum signal and sucking engine fumes from the rocker cover to the throttle body. I deleted them and also needed to fatten up the inlet area as the silicone hose reducer was alittle loose for my liking. Plus the T-bolt clamp was wider than the standard lip area of the throttle body. I ended up buying a small peice of 2mm thick alloy tube, sliced it in half cause the diameter was too small. Added 2 small filler peices and welded it onto the throttle body. I added a bead of weld to the end of it so it stops the chances of the hose coming off under boost. Next up, cooler piping and mounting the radiator