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  1. https://youtu.be/sEIXdy6LQ7U A walkthrough at All Ford Day NSW 2018. Hope you enjoy
  2. Shits getting interesting around here.
  3. Thanks Valvebouncer. Shame about the TE Dean.
  4. Yeah mate. Filming that one at the moment. I haven't taken many pics of this escort build as its just "normal" work most of the time, no mods so to speak, so gets alittle boring for me. The corty I take all photos though. I glad your enjoying the pics.
  5. I agree with you on the Vette. Those wheels just weren't my cup of tea.
  6. "On todays episode of Australian Cortina ...." I bought a set of EL Falcon thermofans and after much trimming and cutting of the shroud, along with some plastic welding of spare plastic to create a new shape on the sides, it now fits. Next up, alternator and electric water pump
  7. Is the cortina finished ..... haha no chance mate. Your best bet for all that info is to get onto a few of the aussie cortina facebook pages. Tons of barra conversions these days
  8. Oh yeah I guess, you could use a spare peice of pipe. But then the blade wouldn't cut right through, or at least it would be quite difficult I imagine with it butting against the pipe. Beleive me, t-bolt clamp and a stanley knife make it super clean and very straight as using the clamp as the guide
  9. I bought some alloy bends, silicone hose bends and t-bolt clamps from Aeroflow to make the Intercooler Piping. Some careful measureing and cutting, some tig welding and here is the end result. Here is the video of it https://youtu.be/4IV5Vhu8TMo