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  1. xdfairmont79

    How Rare is YOUR Falcon?

    and as for one offs if we get down to options, i am aware of the only hawiian trim brambles Phase 2
  2. xdfairmont79

    How Rare is YOUR Falcon?

    i dont want to cause shit, but i sware on my life it had DA LTD on the plate. i presume DA is equivalent to NA??
  3. xdfairmont79

    How Rare is YOUR Falcon?

    i was offered an SVO ltd the other day auto but genuine SVO that would have to be rare wouldnt it?
  4. xdfairmont79

    Grinds My Gears

    hoon laws, cause its pure revenue.. how many people die from a fucken line locker in your driveway... and yes, they still can get you for hooning. in your own god damn drive way. also, people who think its ok to bag peoples cars because of style or taste.. not cool, fair enough you can have an opinion but dont voice it. its downright rude and esspecially when they dislike your car so much because it doesnt fit in with all the ss commodores, they try get you banned from the cruise. lol
  5. xdfairmont79

    Who names their cars?

    i ussually just say the model name "the xy" "the xd" etc, but my xw ute is known purely as THE UTE cause it was my first obsession at 5 years old and thats what i would call it, everyone in my family knows what the ute is.. haha. other than that i had a panelvan called the fuck truck a datsun named cedric and my current ride "zero fucks" the xf rat rod.
  6. xdfairmont79

    088XXF the ute build.

    wanna know the next bit after this happened.. that xe ute, turned out to have probably a metric fuck tonne of rust in all the places that it shouldn't, one of those places being the seat belt mounts in the floor were paper thin.. ooops. i pulled it completely bare. and when i sare bare i mean like, we couldnt do anything with the rest of it so it just sits in a paddock now. i have been playing with my xd and my old rat rod xf sedan, and a mate kinda told me he knew of a white xf manual, in decent nick with minimal rust and a good running engine.. so there was some um and ahh involved once again i now own an xf falcon ute. third times the charm, so this one.. should actually be something. my initial plans are. lower it, re tint the windows venetians, roof visor respray in bahama beige to match my sedan, a subtle red twin stripe on the bodyline from the headlight to the tailight and to finish it off, a nice set of 14" beige stockies with taxi caps and white walls. oh and i am gonna make a home job t70 blow through turbo application. lets see how far this dream goes!
  7. xdfairmont79

    Dovers slow Xf ute build. Dohc bagged au/ba interior.

    dude! i need to see more of this! looks like its gonna be the goods for sure! bags, two cams and 3 pedals? thats just how its gotta be these days haha
  8. xdfairmont79

    flywheels bolts

    so im doing a last second manual conversion in my xf this week because the old auto litterally has no go anymore, it wont drive.. haha so what length are the flywheel bolts? are they the same as the flexplate bolts? (doubt it they look to short) and i have some clevo ones here but i think they are too short aswell.. even link me to the ones i need to buy thanks!
  9. so, ive been fucking around with my xf and changed the carby, still a stock 34adm, but. i noticed that the throttle return spring at full collapse, is still only 3/4 or so throttle......... yanked that prick out, put a return spring from the inlet mani bolt to the carby and bam, it actually moves now. try it and see if it also works for you!!! cheers.
  10. xdfairmont79

    Streets 1992 S13 silvia

    this is a slow moving thread but im once again interested, i just got a rolling shell of a ps13, no front panels, no engine, gearbox or anything. going to build it up slowly to once again be a street legal sr20det manual beast! any updates for this weapon?
  11. my old xg pano gave up the ghost, stupid auto stays in third nop matter what i change or fix. the solenoids are fucked and it has 309,000 on the clock anyway.. so ive found a xh with GOOD running gear, fully gasketed 4.0ltr with 200,000 kays, and a nice feeling and sounding t5, lsd etc. so xh's are ugly and xg panelvans are awesome. so, plan is to swap it all over, i think the 4ltr in the xh is an xg one anyway.. old styl inlet manifold and rocker cover. probably rebuilt engine.. either way. will the crossmember fit? is it the same as xf and xg? or will i need to find another? and what are any other things to look out for?
  12. xdfairmont79

    SLO-250 Build

    well.... you did that well man... 4.0litre crank to replace it?
  13. xdfairmont79

    XD/XE cluster in XF?

    yea clint did that i think, (n00bus) hes pretty good when it comes too that, that actually looks really cool. i might have to give it a try i have like 50,000 xd dashes and a few xf's hahaha
  14. xdfairmont79

    Next Peice of the Puzzle Cont.

  15. xdfairmont79

    Stuart's 4/1982 XE Sedan "Finally

    keep the xe dude, xf's are a dime a dozen, only model i dont have 10 of is xe's haha