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  1. Hi, I have been trying to identify what model my rear calipers are off and seen your thread. If those calipers are XC/XD what might these ones be off I thought mine were XD but have different end on hand brake levers. Need to get cables made to suit but not sure what they are off. Calipers look the same just have different style ends where the Cables attach. .
  2. jg33replica

    Crossflow Problem (breaks down at 3500 rpm)

    Hi, My carb tuning experience is limited to mixture screws and power valve replacement using vaccume gauge . I have a couple pump cam kits that I brought to experiment with my tunnel ram carbs. I don't know much about the air bleeds. But I like learning so I will check and see if they are replaceable or just a set thing. I feel confident that I am on the right path now so I will get it as best I can and then it will go to a dyno.
  3. jg33replica

    Crossflow Problem (breaks down at 3500 rpm)

    Hi mate, The car belongs to my son and I reckon he was talkin to you as you said. I have a new O2 sensor kit that I was going to set up on my Falcon to tune tunnel ram carbs , We intend to weld a bung onto Cortina extractors and give it a go. I have had a breakthrough with the crossflow. I decided to play around with the carb tune and change jet sizes. I went a full 5 sizes bigger on primaries to see if I could make something change. It did exactly that it made it much worse , it caused it to breakdown at 2200. Next I went back a heap of jet sizes on primaries from where I started and it improved the thing a whole heap. It is twice as responsive down low and revs straight past 4000 without a problem. it does still however play up a little higher up. Next I will fit a decent Tacho as Not sure how accurate Cortina one is , O2 sensor , and get some more jets to play with. thanks for all the good advice everyone.
  4. jg33replica

    Crossflow Problem (breaks down at 3500 rpm)

    Hey, I forgot to mention I did a fuel flow test.Carter rotary Pump filled a 4 liter container in 1 minute 12 seconds. Had the container above carby. I have no idea if that's good or bad. That pump runs at 5 psi at all revs. I have had a holley blue dummied up to test the fuel pressure theory and it made no difference.
  5. jg33replica

    Crossflow Problem (breaks down at 3500 rpm)

    Hi, been playing around and no luck yet. I am going to play with plugs , I ran the engine to running temp and put an infra red heat gun on each extractor pipe and discovered a big difference in temp on 3 and 4 they were much hotter. 3 especialy about 70 deg c higher than 1 2 5 and 6. I put a picture on here of the plugs to show number 3 is clearly very grey/whit coloured and 4 is not quite as bad but all the rest are black. Would a lean condition cause it to break down at just 3500 or is this a separate problem. I will check for a leak but has just in past couple days had new intake and carb gaskets fitted. I might try changing primary jets in carb up a few sizes. would this be how these intake run ? these two lean cyl are the 2 shortest runners on the intake. Its an Aussie speed intake.
  6. jg33replica

    Crossflow Problem (breaks down at 3500 rpm)

    Yeah timing is correct , Didn't trust markings on new balancer so was checked using TDC tool. MSD is Running 12 volts direct from battery. It is running through a relay triggered by the original Cortina ignition wire. Fuel filter is Glass reusable type and is clean. I am not sure about the premium fuel lost track of everything I have tried but definitely fresh fuel. MSD set up I am using was brought second hand but as new condition , I swapped it for MSD out of My Falcon and made no difference. The MSD had previousl been used on a 4cyl and so the cylinder calibration loops were cut. I rejoined one of the loops to set it to 6cyl. I might try cutting that loop and joining the other loop instead. I don't know if this could make a difference. when it breaks down it is similar to a rev limiter cutting in. It runs sweet as till then not a miss nothing. Cheers
  7. jg33replica

    Crossflow Problem (breaks down at 3500 rpm)

    Hi, has an alloy drop Tank fitted and a new 3/8 fuel line all the way through. I will check the fuel outlet and see. I don't expect to find anything but every idea is worth a look. It has to be something simple. Whats a simple fuel flow test , just run it into a 10 liter bucket and time it I guess. Do you have a recommended liters per minute in mind ? I keep going back to the ignition because that's where I think it is but no amount of swapping components has helped. Thankyou for you ideas. cheers
  8. Hi, I am looking for some ideas to help fix an alloy head 250 crossflow that breaks down at 3500 to 4000 rpm. Beautiful till that point. This is an on going problem and have thrown a lot of money and parts at it with no success. I will give a brief description of engine mods and what has been tried so far. Maybe someone knows what I have missed. Alloy C2 head , Ported with large valves fitted. Hydraulic Camtech cam (CT324 528) intake lift .534" ex lift.534" lobe sep 110 , Dur 230 and 230 ( cam dialled in ) , Johnson anti pump lifters and hardened push rods , roller rockers and heavy valve springs. Aussie speed 4bbl intake , Holley Carb , Electric fuel pump from 5-8 psi , 10.5:1 comp ratio , balanced bottom end. Ignition is Bosch electronic dizzy module removed and running off MSD 6al digital box and MSD Coil. Dizzy was graphed to suit engine. Vaccume advance locked off. Has had the breaking down issue since engine was built. originally had high volume oil pump , been swapped out for standard ( no change) , tried various Carbs from 465 to 650 DP Holley no change. tried TFI dizzy no change , tried various leads , plugs , coils even swapped 6al no change , have had fuel pressure all the way as high as 8 psi no good. Have changed valve springs retainers and collets. Started with valve seat pressures on the conservative side and have now increased probably a little on the heavy side and no change. ( my son is an engine machinist he did this so , don't know seat pressures off the top of my head ) Engine is in a TE Cortina. I have run out of ideas and will probably swap the lifters out for a new set and only other thing I haven't paid much attention to is plug gaps just set them to whatever MSD recommended. I have probably missed some things I have tried , but if anyone has some ideas I am listening. Cheers
  9. jg33replica

    4 barrel carb spacer/air filter combo

    Hey mate I am having the same problem with my TE Cortina I have alloy head crossflow with 4 barrel intake and carb with spacer and cant shut bonnet with air cleaner on. How did your set up work out. Do you mind telling what combo ended up doing the job for you. I wont cut the bonnet.