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Heater/blower fan slow in 3rd speed

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im chasing a problem I’m having with my XG. 
the blower fan works on 1,2,3 and 4 speeds, but the fan actually slows down in 3 speed..


I have replaced the fan resistor with several others as well as measuring the resistance in all. All were the same. 

I have measured voltage and the fan plug and have voltage bar the plug in all 4 speeds. 
 Scratching my head as to where to head next….

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i would only assume it can be the wire possibly half shorting out or cut through to one strand?

screw from stereo screwed through it?

not something i've seen before.. 

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47 minutes ago, Gravelrash said:

Is the XH fan motor the same? 
if so what I plan to do is plug the fan in and hold it, if it works on 3 I’ll then start to pull the dash out. 

though about the dirty switch scenario but I have good voltage on all speeds. 

voltage may still be fine with a dirty switch, but it might not handle the current, just try switch it back and forth 20 times or so. might work, might break it possibly. 

i'd assume XH is same, not 100% sure. same goes for XF 

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