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400HP performance BW35/40/51 Auto Transmission

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14 hours ago, deankdx said:

would have been interesting for My Dads Leyland V8 in transit van.. but he never would have spent $4000 odd. (modified his bell housing to accept a $150 used C10) 


The clutch-pack size/diameter will always be the limiting factor, but...


among other things, to up their power handling -

use the BW51 3bolt rear servo assy, (either in a BW51 case, or modify an earlier case)

fit the wider bands,


Fit a lighter check valve spring to the front servo, to allow faster apply/release,


fit heavier springs in the primary/secondary regulator valves to up the line/clamping pressure,

and if you're really keen, reinforce the case around the bell-housing attachment area.


Plus use the earlier Ford F-type fluid, as it should increase the friction/clamping ability of the clutches.


Merry Christmas 🎅



Rear servo



Front servo spring



Front Servo



Primary/Secondary Regulator Valve (line pressure) springs




BW51 case2.jpg

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