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Outback Jack

Torque settings / Retorque of AU MLS gasket on EA-ED and XG motor

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Hey guys,

Had my head done a couple months ago, have noticed what looks like a few oil weeps from head gasket...


Passenger side rear....



Drivers side rear.....



And this one up front, but this could be top of timing chain cover...



Now I didn't torque the head down and was surprised when the guy who did , did it in one stage, even questioned it.

'Nah, she'll be right'. That's ok I suppose when it's not your car or your money.


Even had to pay $450 for the head gasket, found later on the bill, that retails at $300.


I have new torque to yield bolts in and am wondering what is the correct torque for a 1.3mm MLS head gasket (this one is permatec MLS-R) on a 4L block?


Is it possible for me to check/retorque the head bolts without damage?


Seems I paid good money to have things half arsed done, and now I'm going to have to correct it all myself.



Cheers Fellas.



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Ok, here's the skinny on head gaskets.


Normal composite head gaskets on EA-ED and XG.

40nm + 90 degrees.


AU MLS head gasket on EA-ED and XG 30nm+ 120 degrees.


Now on MLS-R head gaskets there are little copper rivets all along the head gasket to keep all the layers together.


Now it's normally OK, the rivets are positioned so they don't foul on the mating surfaces. But like it says in the MLS-R file- Due to differences in head castings etc, it may be necessary to drill out the rivets that foul on the mating surfaces and it's ok to remove them.


This is what the rivet looks like in a position with no fouling...



Now when we put the head on the motor, I bought up to the "mechanic", and I use that term very loosely, that I thought the rivet at the rear of the head looked like it was going to foul.

'Nope, she'll be right' bullshit.


Well as you can see in my last post, there is a leak of some kind at the rear of the head.

On closer inspection, this is what I found on the drivers side rear.....


As you can see the MLS-R head gasket is not sitting flat.



Let's have a closer look.....




Now I'm pretty pissed off, as you can see, it's not sealing properly and there's coolant and oil.

All for the sake of one rivet, and 5 minutes to remove it.

Now I will have to pull the whole head off just to remedy this one pissy problem I paid to have done properly.


And I hadn't named names before, but I bloody will now.

After working 2 weeks for free in their workshop being the coffee making, give a hand on everything workshop bitch, while waiting for the machine shop to get my head back,whilst more than paying my way while staying up there for two weeks, getting gouged on my bill by my so called mate and his father, even after taking care of them.

Spending 5K and getting treated like shit when I question the bill and some labour/ part prices.


And.... for having to fix all their fark ups on my ute after paying good money to get it done properly by people I thought I could trust and would look after me.


Lews Auto Repairs in Bunbury WA.




The only reason other customers don't know they are getting gouged is they don't know what stuff costs and get bullshitted.

My old man was a mechanic and I have worked on cars all my life, so I know what shit costs.

$450 for an MLS-R head gasket that t.i. performance sell retail for $300. Bullshit.


2 weeks work from me there means nothing and worth nothing.

Still paid over a grand in labour, most of which I did myself.

A quoted $1800 head and cam job ends up over 3.5K with me supplying most of the labour and all the gaskets.


And they know I'm a pensioner, didn't stop them at all......


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Fucking poor form when they rip off anyone mate, let alone a pensioner. When you don’t have a clue, go to Lew’s

Yeah mate, it's cost me a packet and still back at square one having to pull head off again and fix it myself.

Being a pensioner, I had a budget of 3.5K.

$1800 head and crow cam (quoted)and another $1200 new rims and tyres.

Should of come home with some change in my pocket or at least to budget with extras.

I estimate its cost me about 7K in money and NOS kit all up, plus 2 weeks free labour.

I could of had a completely rebuilt motor for that with all the fruit.


Lesson learnt. I been done by the young fella before years ago, I thought he'd changed....gave him another chance.

Bad decision.

Didn't expect the same from his old man.

And both of them blaming the other for the shite, just playing me.


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