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XH fuel tank in Xe

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16 hours ago, Grabber said:

Will XH fuel tank in Xe


XH (or XG) ute or van  tank will fit in XD XE XF ute or van.. BUT..

fuel gauge operates a different way.


an instrument mob got one working in My XF ute with some gizmo at the tank..unfortunately it was before i knew what he was talking about..


@Crazy2287 electronic box may convert the e series ohm range to the XE gauge .. 


what i considered, but haven't tested.(and can't because i don't have falcons anymore)

is if a guage from an EA to XD cluster would work when fitted in the XD XE XF cluster(not XF ghia or S pack)   


when i fitted an EB cluster to My XF, i used an XF gauge in the EB cluster, but reversed it's polarity but cutting the tracks on the board and soldering on wires to switch it.. it was mint.  in theory, it should work the other way? 


personally if crazy2287 has kits still, i think it would be able to work with the XH tank due to being adjustable


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