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XE Falcon Spac stripes/decals and front lip spoiler

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5 hours ago, ESPSIX said:


Its funny, when I see people here and on FB asking for parts like these, my first thought is, “ha, didn’t realise they were that hard to come by, I’ve got half a dozen sitting in the shed”, but things like lip spoilers, I got when you could get them for $10, now, I just feel glad I’m not trying to build a car now days.


i saw one recently chopped up on an ESCORT Mk2 and also one chopped up on a gemini (one might have been an XD one, even rarer)


i've never seen them for under $50, but i bought TWO Whole XE S PACK WAGONS for $300 each about 10yrs ago.. sold the spoilers off each for $150 each.. was half way back to Free cars. 


i sold the last set of GHIA XE lights for $70 the pair.. .. yeah.. wish i held onto them now(was probably 15yrs ago, .. but.. around that time, i also could have bought any one of 5 XE ghias for sale for under $500 each just on gumtree/ebay etc i bought the one for the lexus V8 for $350 from memory... 
on the same rule... My brothers XB fairmont was $180, with 6 months rego in about 1991.. yes ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS


1 hour ago, gerg said:

Starting to make me paranoid now... Anyone can rip one off in 2 minutes with a cordless and 5/16” hex driver

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mine had nyloc nuts and bolts in a few places with washers.. could still rip one off though if no fucks given.. 


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My neighbor buys cars at auction for wrecking and fixing, when he was getting XD and E’s, he used to let me take what I wanted for free, so I stocked up, glad I did, I’ve got 2 to maintain.

doing the same now with B series.


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