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XH XR6 - starting problems

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Gday, read a heap of stuff but nothing definitive for the XH, can anyone advise the wires to join together to bypass the BCM smarklock starter cut?

or does anyone have a XH BCM I can buy/borrow to prove if its actually the BCM, I assume I can plug in the brown or grey for testing purposes


some background

- my ute will not start, there is no cranking, only  a click from the starter relay,

- previous owner used to bash the dash to get it to run (intermitant problem) but hadn't needed to since I got it (been running on petrol)

- was running fine on petrol, I flicked it to gas, car died/ gas switch lost power, and wouldn't restart (no crank)

- smartlock flashing on dash, goes out wen key is turned to "on",

- the gas switch (set on petrol) gets power for about 3 seconds when key is put to "on",  the petrol fuel pump primes, then all the gas switch lights go out, (gas inline relay clicks)

- the gas switch has 5 wires into the back (neg- pos+, SiG, GAS, PET) there is a inline relay (5 pin, with wires on 4 pins)  and what looks to be another gas switch box that has only 3 wires (gas, petrol,ground)

- it has the grey coloured BCM above the accel pedal

-I've checked all the fuses (fuse box and random other one on gas system, under dash

- interior light has globe and works as designed


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I don't think the problem your having is caused by the smartlock as it sounds like the gas system wiring might be a bit dodgy, I'm not positive but I think ford kill switches turn power to the injectors off so if that's the case it should still crank, once again not positive just a thought. Also if it happened the way you described and is losing power to the switch I'd be betting it's an earth wire that's not grounded properly, probably been knocked lose from all the hits to the dash

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Ok so checked everything again swapped all fuses for new ones and put in new relay...still the same
Pressed / banged on the bcm and it fired up :)
Turned it off and back on a few times was fine
Tried again and it wont start again
So reckon its the bcm

Now need to work out which wires to join !

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googled this for you.. 

if you can take pics of it, and post it here would be great if it works.


i almost did it to one of My cars, but turned out to be ignition switch for mine. 




also links to this page



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this quote is my favourite from the link above


Re: Fixing stuffed smartlock modules - How To - For FREE

Postby 89.SVO » October 6th, 2012, 7:01 pm

i worked for RACV and all we did was bridge the red w/ blue trace (i think, can't 100% remember) wires. Fixed every one. Even had to do it on my Dads partners EB at one stage

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Thanks Dean
Those are the some of the same pages i found

After another full test and a call to my brother he concluded it was the starter motor as everything had power when it should etc

Gave the starter a hit with hammer... Bingo fires straight up
Flicked to gas switched over no problems so the car dying when i first put it gas could have been a red herring...and unrelated
Started it ten more times and then let it get hot still starts but decided to
Pull the starter as i had a new one here
the old one is pretty oily/ black with dirt/ gunk
Starts even quicker now
Time will tell if the intermittent starting returns but for now its running !
Fixed all the bodgey wires i found whilst i was under dash, coincidently the bcm already had a reco sticker from a company called Logicar so heres hoping its ok, otherwise i will look further into the wires or just buy the bypass box....as the price of a reco bcm even with trade discount is about $400.


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cheers for the feedback.

My XG ended up getting starter motor, was weak also.. fuel pump relay, pretty sure the gas was hooked to it so still was giving issues on both fuels, and in the end ign switch.. 

i found the ignition switch to be stuffed because sometimes you'd start the car and turn the lights on, and the "LIGHTS ON" warning would be on, as if the key was off, few other things at times also, maybe the smart lock light flashing as if the key was off even thought the car was running? can't really remember because i burned the nightmares out of My brain after i sold it. 



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