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xf gear box

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my xf 1986 gear box  gear shift  is hard to change  in to gear    why
A few causes can create that symptom:

Cable stretching
Fork flexing/cracked
Cable adjustment nut creeping out
Firewall flex/cracked
Worn clutch (poor finger geometry)
Pilot bearing old/grabbing
Wrong gearbox oil
Worn syncros/baulk ring teeth

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yeah ,
as above.. 4 speed or 5 speed?

what oil? gearbox oil is the wrong oil

.. by top loader i assume it's a 4 speed.. and if so it's likely a single rail, not a top loader(unless someone fitted one. unlikely)

can you get reverse from idle easily.. if so, it's probably not clutch related. if it's a bastard to get reverse i'd say it's adjustment needed only

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