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Argent Silver - No Longer Available..!

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So, I'm still restoring my GT grille for the Nugget, and went to buy some Argent Silver, and low and behold.......... no-one has any.!

So, anyone with an XW, XY, XA, XB, F100 or any 70's era Ford with silver wheels or a grille will have to find an alternative. Went lurking on the Interknob and found a variety of answers, here's what I got so far........


It's still available in US of A, there are several 'versions' of it, most are just numbers from various companies over the years. 


VHT - SP188

PPG - 8568

DuPont - 411L

Dulon -15772

Ford (US) - MX 7031021


Saw the guys at my local AutoPro store, (thanks Benny) and 15772 comes up in the computer.  There's only 2 colours, Silver (yeah, funny about that) and crushed Aluminium. That's it.


Apparently Ford Muscle Parts, GT Ford Performance, Grand Tourer etc, still sell it. $50 a can. So, if you're gunna paint your 5 slots, 12 slots, or your grille......start stocking up, as these old girls get older, they are going to require repainting at some stage.



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if there is a listing for it as a paint code? someone might have the formula to just make it up(like the $36 colour match pressure pack you buy from autobarn, paint shops etc)



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