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  1. Hey guys Was wondering where the best location for my Holley sniper EFI temp sensor would be? Holley instructions say: "Must be installed in a coolant passage in either the intake manifold or cylinder head. Do not install in thermostat housing." I presume that means neither of the 2 previous temp sensor locations will do? One was factory just below the thermostat housing and the other was a speco gauge in the water pump just below the heater hose
  2. The line which was there was ridiculous. Out of the tank it went to a short piece of hose to a short hard-line to a short hose to a plastic pipe that went through a rubber grommet into a cavity in the sill you can't get to then poked out another grommet near the front to a hose to another hard-line into the engine bay to a hose to a filter to a hose to the pump to a hose to the regulator to a hose to a pressure gauge to a hose to the hard-line that went into the carb New setup is in tank pump, braided to front, filter, braid to Holley. Think I will just run them close to the sill but not in it as I don't like the idea of having loose lines in places I can't see them. Not going hard-line but even if I was the question would still be where to put it
  3. No one got any ideas or info on what's legal?
  4. Yeah wish there was a chassis rail to do that along
  5. Where is the best place to run braided fuel line under an XC? The factory line goes into the sill and pops out near the front. Not sure how easy it will be to feed two -6 lines through there. The brake hard line runs along the edge of the tunnel to keep it away from the bottom of the car. Is this a viable spot to run it? I presume it's not a good idea or possibly illegal to run it along the bottom of the floor?
  6. Is it worth switching over to the xf style cap and leads? Could do it if it's a better design since I am replacing both at the same time. Don't know about the spacer you mentioned though. Where does that go? The heater hoses being different was the main one I was concerned about as I will have to order them in since no one stocks them these days. Don't want to end up with the wrong ones
  7. Been looking at hoses, leads and plugs for the XE and wondering why the XFs have different parts. Weren't the EFI XE and EFI XFs much the same engine and engine bay wise? If not any one know what the differences were?
  8. Thanks for the vacuum advice MNTL.XD. Why do you run a hose from the intake to the carby? Wouldn't they be seeing the same vacuum levels? The base plate has been connected to the PCV valve on one of the rocker covers. Is this ok? I get that the base plate is an adapter from squarebore to spreadbore but the sniper seems to be drilled for both which is why I am curious if I should keep it? The sniper has some vacuum ports on it so we have a few options to play with Is it best to run the PCV to the intake and the booster to the Sniper to keep the oil away from the EFI? Or is it better to run the PCV to the top of the intake so that it effects all the cylinders evenly? Or do these things make no difference and I am over thinking this?
  9. Here is a picture of the stupid cactus on the back of my intake. 4 hoses come out but 3 of them have screws in them. My guess is it would be better to put a new fitting on there straight to the brake booster. Less chance of leaks? Also keep the adapter plate or take it off and put the new studs straight into the intake?
  10. Here is some pictures of the sniper kit for anyone interested. If there is anything in particular you would like a close up picture of then ask away
  11. Haven't been scared off just busy with other stuff and waiting for the postman Nope not gonna learn carby tuning at this stage and to tune it properly costs dyno time. Wanted something plug and play - could go more complicated later but just need quick and easy for now. Everything I have read and seen on the sniper has been great (and yes many hours of research before biting the bullet). Guys with way more carby knowledge were still seeing power gains as well as way better fuel economy when they made the switch. Definitely considered the walbro setup with the corvette reg as I have seen a few people running that setup with good results. Ended up deciding to go in-tank and ponied up for the aeromotive phantom 340 kit Sniper, coil and booster have all arrived just waiting on the pump now. More pictures once things start going together - this weekend hopefully
  12. Hi and welcome! Been looking at the TBI setups myself lately but haven't put the order in just yet. From all my research so far the fitech stuff seems to be getting great results. Avoid the fitech fuel control centre though as it has been a nightmare for a lot of people. Best place I have found for first hand fitech reviews and info is one of the American chevelle forums. Just Google fitech chevelle and you should find lots of info from their members. One of their members actually sold his fitech setup and put on the very comparable holley sniper. He seemed very positive about it running better then the fitech so I have been looking at getting one of those
  13. Port injection would be way better but all the systems I saw looked way more expensive and harder to set up. Was looking for quick and easy to get the car back on the road as soon as possible. Self learning Efi seemed like a way to make the car run better without spending the money on dyno time or frigging around with carbs. If there was a self learning port injection setup for a reasonable cost I would be keen for that. Just want the car to run reliably so I can use it as a daily again. I took it of the road as it was running rich and having issues with cold and hot starts. From what I have heard the self learning setups are great for that. Would like to go megasquirt on the XE with a new engine but before I can take it off the road I need the xc going again. Then I will have enough time to learn how to setup a mega squirt properly
  14. Pretty much decided on the holley sniper just trying to find someone with the master system (comes with inline pump) in stock at a reasonable price preferably in Australia. Seems to be a lot cheaper to get the master kit with the inline pump then go for an in tank setup like the phantom
  15. Went shopping at summernats Decided that the longer warranty and reliability was worth it over the MSD. Got the dizzy, ignition control box, wiring and leads on the day. They had run out of coils so that will be in the mail. Also in the mail was their summernats special which was to throw in a free voltage booster that regulates the input voltage to the coil to 16V.