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  1. Macht

    XH - Repairing front bumper mounts

    Many thanks mate
  2. Macht

    XH - Repairing front bumper mounts

    They literally have a L and an R on them, and that's it! Looking around the front bumper for something that matches their curve, this might be their home? I need to play around with it a little more, but that might be it
  3. Hey guys, I've got some new headlights to throw into the XH, so today was removing the bumper and getting ready to install them tomorrow. As with everything, once I had the bumper off, I spied a few things that need my attention while I am there. I noticed that one of the mounts for my bumper had completely snapped off. What are my repair methods here? I had a poke around online, a seen some mention of fiber glass and some 3M kits from the US, but figured I would ask here. While I am here, after removing the front bumper, it pretty much fell apart thanks to the previous owners hatred of fasteners. Any clues on what these guys are? Look to be rubber mounts of something. Maybe the front wire grill?
  4. Macht

    XH Rear Body Drain Holes

    Ahh that explains it. I always thought there was a story behind it. Cheers
  5. Macht

    XH Rear Body Drain Holes

    Thanks mate. I've actually been reading a lot of your posts over the last few weeks, and it makes me smile when I see you mention the redback spiders. It works through, I was checking the sils and hinges the other day, and my first step before I stuck my digits up in there, was to give it a quick visual inspection for any little friends. There are now quite a few homeless red backs around my house, as I keep evicting them as I come across them, following your advice. Cheers
  6. Hey guys, Recently while tidying up some wiring in for my tail lights in my XH, I noticed the cavity of the tray (No idea if that even is what it's called. The cavity where you can see the top of the rear wheel wells, accessed from the tail lights) is full of dirt and muck. I was going to hit it with the high pressure hose, but I couldn't see any drain holes that would allow the water to run out. Are there any drain holes in that area so I can give it a hose out? Ideally I would also like to make sure they are clear of debris before I start hosing as well. Cheers
  7. Macht

    Door glass bushings

    Hey guys, Any idea where I can find these glass bushings (grommets?), or at least how I can secure the glass in my window? My XH has cable ties holding the window to the actuators, and the window keep getting jacked up when winding it up. Cheers
  8. Macht

    XH Door Locks

    Morning guys, I have the same problem as this thread http://www.ozfalcon.com.au/index.php?/topic/3736-think-i-found-my-issue-but/ where the plastic is also cracked inside my latching mechanisms. What options do I have to fix it? Are they repairable? Or is sourcing parts from the wreckers my only options? It's for a 96 XH if that makes any difference. Cheers