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  1. Could be, I was just using the repco parts picker to see what I needed
  2. May of just figured it out. 94DA-4005-MF - EF B EAM 3.23 STD 4MF ABS - Looks to match the numbers
  3. Hey guys, I was looking at ordering some axel bearings and seals for my XH, and it dawned on me that I need to figure out what diff is in it, so I can get the right part. I know a previous owner has swapped out the diff at some point, and I think it's a diff out of a EL Wagon. The tag is gone, and the sticker is pretty torn up but I think it reads 94DA-4005-MF. Casting mark is 0578 026907 (I think). If it helps It has a mount for and equalizer, which I think wasn't included in an XH ute? Anyone got any ideas? Cheers
  4. Macht

    Surface rust - What should I do?

    Thanks mate. At this stage I think we're heading down to fresh metal and starting over. Thanks!
  5. Macht

    Surface rust - What should I do?

    Thank you mate, that is really in depth, thanks for spending the time! Just to confirm, when you mention poly disks, you're talking about this type https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/toolpro-toolpro-poly-abrasive-disc-115mm/553770.html?
  6. Macht

    Surface rust - What should I do?

    Would I be better going straight for the red wheels, or should I go down the acid route? This is knowing that I should (hopefully) be stripping it back and doing it correctly at a later point? Any reasons for going etch over filler? Just trying to make sure I do it correctly
  7. Macht

    Surface rust - What should I do?

    Thanks mate, given me heaps to work with. Appreciate it.
  8. Macht

    Surface rust - What should I do?

    Thanks mate, appreciate it. Is there any issues with using a wire brush on an angle grinder or should I look one of those paint stripper disks instead? I'm absolutely brand new to anything paint wise, so if you've got any tips on what primers I should look at it would be appreciated. I kind of figured it'd been badly painted at some point, as there doesn't look to be any primer used under the paint that is flaking off. That and I can remove some of it with my nail. The whole car will need to be stripped back at some point, so I'm not against that. Just looking to stop the rust in the mean time before I get to that stage. Thanks again.
  9. Hey guys, I've got an XH which I plan on working on over the coming years, and it has a few patches of surface rust on the body. I plan to get it painted at some point but that could be years away (It's a project car and I am trying to be realistic), what should I do about the surface rust that is already on the car? Should I treat it and spray primer over it, should I just leave it alone? A few pictures below. Cheers
  10. Macht

    Looking for Hydraulic lifter recommendations

    Thanks Thom. I was reading earlier that there might be some seals inside the HLA which can perish and need replacing, but are exceptionally hard to come across. The post may of been for the older crossflow engines, but not an XH. Do you know if that is the case with XH HLA's? Cheers
  11. Morning chaps, My XH has the classic old rattle coming from one of it's hydraulic lifters. I am looking throwing a new set in, but need some guidance on brands. I seen at Repco they sell Nason lifters, and the other brand I have seen are Mace Engineering. Anyone have any experience with either of these? Otherwise, are there any other brands I should look at. Lastly, I have seen a few guides on disassembling the lifters and giving them a clean. Would this be worth the time, or just throw the parts at it? Cheers
  12. Macht

    XH - Repairing front bumper mounts

    Many thanks mate
  13. Macht

    XH - Repairing front bumper mounts

    They literally have a L and an R on them, and that's it! Looking around the front bumper for something that matches their curve, this might be their home? I need to play around with it a little more, but that might be it
  14. Hey guys, I've got some new headlights to throw into the XH, so today was removing the bumper and getting ready to install them tomorrow. As with everything, once I had the bumper off, I spied a few things that need my attention while I am there. I noticed that one of the mounts for my bumper had completely snapped off. What are my repair methods here? I had a poke around online, a seen some mention of fiber glass and some 3M kits from the US, but figured I would ask here. While I am here, after removing the front bumper, it pretty much fell apart thanks to the previous owners hatred of fasteners. Any clues on what these guys are? Look to be rubber mounts of something. Maybe the front wire grill?
  15. Macht

    XH Rear Body Drain Holes

    Ahh that explains it. I always thought there was a story behind it. Cheers