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  1. Ivanflo

    Fitech (or equivalent) injection

    The fitech g surge looks like a slick piece. Super compact and appears to be built tough. Should be easy enough to tuck in to the engine bay somewhere. Edelbrock have a similar system to fitech, that has been updated since I last looked at it, maybe an alternative if the fitech stuff can't be had in time. What's your timeline on the whole project ? When I was shopping, most of this stuff had to be imported, but I think pretty much all the big parts guys are stocking this sort of gear now. (I know rocket industries up in Sydney has it) Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
  2. Ivanflo

    Fitech (or equivalent) injection

    The other big cost consideration I failed to think about at the start was an appropriate fuel system to suit. For cost and easy home installation reasons, we (my father and I) installed an Aeromotive Phantom 340 EFI fuel system to the stock extended range ghia plastic fuel tank, in the stock location and moved the stock fuel sender over a little. It would have been easier to simply mount the EFI pump somewhere next to the stock fuel sender location, but I wanted the pump in the lowest part of the tank and I assume Ford knew what they were doing when they put the stock fuel sender in it's location. The maximum size of the aeromotive cut out is about the same as the original fuel sender neck on the tank. This means we had to cut extremely close to the sender neck for the aeromotive to fit. Without any flat area around the original fuel sender screw top, it can't be used to easily 'plastic weld' it to another position. So we sourced a second tank and used that fuel sender neck to retrofit on to my tank. All of this just so we could continue to use the original fuel sender for the fuel gauge. The next issue we found is that the fuel sender stock location is recessed down 10-20mm, this caused clearance issues when trying to attach AN lines to the fuel pump. We took care of this with a hammer, heat gun and a few hours trying to reshape the plastic tank a bit and some angled AN fittings. ..... If i was to do it again, i might go for the Holley in-tank retrofit fuel module, which is very similar to the aeromotive but uses their hydramat instead of a foam bucket and is slightly easier to install. I considered other similar systems; but the Holley, MSD and FAST systems at the time were out of my budget. The Edelbrock and QFI did not look up to snuff. Holley system has a bunch of LCD screens and gauges etc that you can add to their system, if that's your thing. The Edelbrock comes with an android tablet and all have slightly different feature sets to include things like support for e85, nitrous, meth, timing control, turbo/superchargers Fitech is great bang for buck if the feature set matches what you are looking for. Can't comment on reliability at the moment, how wild is your cleveland?
  3. Ivanflo

    Fitech (or equivalent) injection

    I have a Cleveland with a 393 stroker kit, 292h cam, stock cleaned up heads, 6AL and the Power Adder Fitech on Top. Engine dyno'd (on an engine dyno somewhere in Parra) at 440HP, He dyno'd it prior to the Fitech, using his own carb he got it to about 400hp. All he did for the Fitech was hook it up, enter a few parameters and run it up and down. I was told that that 450hp was best case scenario for my combo, so the Fitech at 440hp considering the predicted optimal number and his achieved carb number, i'm really happy with the results. It's going in to my XE Ghia with a T56 and a 9 Inch, but it's still a fair way off from being together, should be fun!
  4. XYZ are now doing front Coilovers for the X series falcons. Interested to hear what people think of them? "Here are our XR-XF Ford Falcon Coilovers. We are proud to announce the release of the early Falcon and Mustang front coilover system. Featuring full adjust-ability in both height and dampening. In stock now at $995." - XYZ Racing Australia
  5. not too long and the fresh paint job should be done, wheels to come

  6. Ivanflo

    Broken Exhaust - suggestions for new?

    Haven't had the time to look at it, but will get under there this sunday, the old man will pull out the welder. If that fails, it will probably go back to best muffler, they have been pretty cheap, or my local carline as carlton is a bit of a mission to get too. i'll probably go for aero chambers as well, they look to be lower profile than whatever is under there now. I'll ask them if they can push the whole system up a little bit too. I wonder if there are any exhaust experts among us that might be able to explain muffler size, placement etc. in relation to sound.
  7. Ivanflo

    Broken Exhaust - suggestions for new?

    LMAO! that's the best advice I think I have ever gotten here. My 2.5 inch system has been on there for a couple years now, without any trouble at all. (apart from breaking) I do drive like a proper rev head to be honest, I just stay right off the throttle at RBT's and around my neighborhood. That seems to have kept me safe for now, perhaps mine wasn't as loud as yours, 8DB over is quite a lot. I was hoping to cut out the middle one and maybe pickup one of those aerochamber's, they sound sick! or just rebuild the whole thing. that way I can try raise the muffler, or get some kind of lower profile one. I guess now I will ring around exhaust shops here in Sydney get a little professional advice and see what the damage ($$$) is. Any of the Sydney members know a good shop?
  8. I have now broken my exhaust for the third time, . Turns out a lowered XE with 5 dudes and a speed bump don't mix. Guessing middle muffler caught the edge of those square sided speed bumps, since I took the bump side ways, and then just cracked it around the edge. It currently has pacemakers and some kind of 2.5 inch system. It's pretty damn loud even before I ripped a little l hole in the middle one, however i wouldn't say it sound the best, it has a pretty deep note, with a sort of spitty pitch at the top, if that makes sense. Ideally it would be deepish, a little raspy if thats the right word and pop n crack like them lollies off throttle, gear changes and randomly in between. perhaps exhaust sound is a product of the engine and not really a tunable thing?? engine is bone stock, wishing for triple webers and a complete build. lukey? redback? mangaflow? varex? hot dogs? what's everyone like?
  9. Ivanflo

    Correct Offset/Backspace for Wheels

    I did follow that thread, shame it never got finished. read that and a couple other threads. so how does this sound? front - 15x8, 0 or +6 offset. 4.5-4.75 backspace rear - 15x10, 0 offset. 5.5 backspace guards filled?? I have had a look at aero and diamond race wheels, any local suppliers or brands anyone knows off?
  10. Hey guys, Having a look at some new rims for the ghia, Bassett DOT's if anyone is interested. Hoping to get some guidance on correct offset/backspacing for them. front - 15x8, +6. rear - 15x8, -12. rear - 15x10, -12?? Picked these offsets as they are the ones available on their site, perhaps they might be able to make them in others too. -12 on the rears, because it annoys me to no end how my current wheels sit in a little compared to the front & get a bit of dish. +6 on the front because thats whats available, but maybe 0 would look better? i.e push the wheel out a bit more? I have found similar wheels in 15x10, 5 inch back space sound good? Will it fit easy? All this offset stuff has me a little confused, so not sure if i've worked it out right. anyone running bassetts?
  11. Ivanflo

    XE Ghia headlight - integrated fog light?

    I have three headlight switches, on on each side of the steering wheel and one next to the boot release button a little further down on the right side. I have tried the combo you said and a whole bunch of others and can't get them to light up, the bulbs look ok, perhaps the switch is stuffed.
  12. I may be asking a really stupid question, but my searching of this and the old site has not netted any results. My headlights are really dim, but i've gotten use to it over the years, have now just ordered some osram night breaker plus (limited edition) bulbs because they were 'limited', had a gold tip and will hopefully let me see better at night. What's everyones brand preferences? what are we all running? possible solutions for shockingly dim lights? Having looked at my headlights they seem to have an additional bulb? or lamp, not sure how to put it. Not the front tiny parker lights or the big hella fog lights that I have but an extra reflector and bulb within each headlight. I have figured out that not all xfalcon's had this and am wondering are these an additional high beam? Are they a fog lamp? I can't seem to get them going, and to my knowledge have never seen them working since I was a kid. (Family car since I can remember) I can get the hella fog lamps going but not those two. Is it a simple case of a blown globe, stuffed switch, crappy wiring, a combination of all those... or are they just for decoration? (stupid idea?) I have high and low beam at the moment, so what are they there for? The only reference I have found is the Narva product guide website, which lists a separate hi-beam for XE ghia's and XF's.
  13. Ivanflo

    Recommend me a carb for my xflow.

    triple webers, lol
  14. Ivanflo

    audio install in xg/xf

    I would be interested to see how you do door mounted splits, when the default speaker location is in the dash. thats if your doing that.
  15. Ivanflo

    Windscreen Antenna

    I did see the cheap ebay one, first place i looked, . $50 isn't too much, sounds reasonable. I was going to just not have am/fm, so $2 ebay antenna sounds good too.