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  1. I got an aeroflow 140amp chev alternator. Changed to an xd alt bracket ( I have an xf) a few spacers on the bottom mount and it fits fine. I need to run a heavier charging wire ( haven't done that yet ) one wire hookup. Should be able to run thermo fans, trailer lights & headlights fine.
  2. Can't up load pic from phone. File too big or something. Don't need a whole quarter. All the damage is just around the light. The bit the tail light fits in to.
  3. Greetings and shit. Haven't been on here for ages. A lot has happened one of those things was I backed in to an Armco rail with my ute and fucked the quarter panel of my ute where the light goes. I bashed it back out enought to get a light in so I could drive the ute. Anyway I want to fix it. The easyest way I can see is to find a ute to cut a chunk of quarter panel out off and weld it in. Just gotta find one. I'll get a pic of the damage latter.
  4. This XF ute needs some tidying up its getting a bit on the dodgy side now. Owned it 13 years now
  5. Yeah its tops mate. Its a goer again too
  6. yeah i had that wrong the pink wire is red. got confused with xf est wiring
  7. yeah i got it on the right stroke i rotated it and watched the valves. They dizzy wires might be up to shit tho. There's a pink/red and a black wire. pink one goes to coil negative right ? Black goes to coil positive. Seems wrong some how
  8. Yeah just done that but used timming light and theres a mark on the dizzy where the trigger point seems to be . I think it will work. I'll just prime the oiling system again and try again. Thanx for the replys
  9. 6to 8 deg but is there a way to time it statically ?
  10. 6 250Xflow alloy head
  11. Getting that fire up without too much cranking over is always tricky. May have been ok but i could have flooded it when i filled the bowl on the holley. I sort it tomorrow.
  12. Hey I just changed a cam and really need this motor to start first go. I have an XD electronic dizzy.and wanna know if there's a way i can set it so the motor will run good enough to run the cam in. Thanx
  13. I maybe in. depends on what i'm doing at the time
  14. cunt whinging on bookface about me punching them in the face and trying to defame my character I think he needs another
  15. I like that my XF ute has character. No power steering or creature comforts to complicate it