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  1. Greetings and shit. Haven't been on here for ages. A lot has happened one of those things was I backed in to an Armco rail with my ute and fucked the quarter panel of my ute where the light goes. I bashed it back out enought to get a light in so I could drive the ute. Anyway I want to fix it. The easyest way I can see is to find a ute to cut a chunk of quarter panel out off and weld it in. Just gotta find one. I'll get a pic of the damage latter.
  2. This XF ute needs some tidying up its getting a bit on the dodgy side now. Owned it 13 years now
  3. Yeah its tops mate. Its a goer again too
  4. yeah i had that wrong the pink wire is red. got confused with xf est wiring
  5. yeah i got it on the right stroke i rotated it and watched the valves. They dizzy wires might be up to shit tho. There's a pink/red and a black wire. pink one goes to coil negative right ? Black goes to coil positive. Seems wrong some how
  6. Yeah just done that but used timming light and theres a mark on the dizzy where the trigger point seems to be . I think it will work. I'll just prime the oiling system again and try again. Thanx for the replys
  7. 6to 8 deg but is there a way to time it statically ?
  8. 6 250Xflow alloy head
  9. Getting that fire up without too much cranking over is always tricky. May have been ok but i could have flooded it when i filled the bowl on the holley. I sort it tomorrow.
  10. Hey I just changed a cam and really need this motor to start first go. I have an XD electronic dizzy.and wanna know if there's a way i can set it so the motor will run good enough to run the cam in. Thanx
  11. I maybe in. depends on what i'm doing at the time
  12. cunt whinging on bookface about me punching them in the face and trying to defame my character I think he needs another
  13. I like that my XF ute has character. No power steering or creature comforts to complicate it
  14. ^^ had that happen last week when i was towing an empty 6x4 trailer. I wanted to bash the cunt for making me brake that hard. I'm still surprised the trailer stayed behind the ute
  15. XD,XE or XF ute manual and no power steering make awesome dally drives. They have lots of feed back and are geting less comon on the roads. I have had a xf ute for almost 12 years only been pulled up by the jacks 3 times in it other than booze bus 's