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  1. Underpants1967

    Diff ratio

    2.92 will be fine for cruising. I have XC wagon with 351 FMX and V8 LSD 2.92 disc rear from XD ute/wagon. 100k is a bit over 2000 rpm depending on tyre height.
  2. Underpants1967

    FMX 31 spline

    Sounds like I may need to get a tailshaft made up or get someone to make 31 spline yoke withe the smaller uni size. Thanx for the info. Sent from my DUB-LX2 using Tapatalk
  3. Underpants1967

    FMX 31 spline

    The diff is an LSD disc which I thought came from a V8? It has same uni size as my tailshaft as I have already bolted it in prior to removing the crossflow. Does this mean that V8 diffs have different uni size and that I still have a 6 cyl diff? Sent from my DUB-LX2 using Tapatalk
  4. Underpants1967

    FMX 31 spline

    Part way through a V8 conversion in my XC wagon. Ordered a 31 spline yoke to match the FMX however the yoke is wider at the uni end than the old yoke and tailshaft. Too wide to suit the uni joint I have. Do I have the wrong one or do I need to replace the whole tailshaft to match? Sent from my DUB-LX2 using Tapatalk
  5. Underpants1967

    XC column auto

    Yeah, I have worked out that I need the bracket to hold the switch. My FMX came from a Mustang so it would have had the neutral switch on the shifter. It is the same switch as the one on the BW35. I reckon I can fabricate something rather than pay $300 for a bracket. Thanx everyone! Sent from my DUB-LX2 using Tapatalk
  6. Underpants1967

    XC column auto

    Mine doesnt? Maybe I have an older trans? Is your switch located on the selector shaft? I will have to try find an image online, not much about for FMX!
  7. Underpants1967

    XC column auto

    I have an 6 cyl XC with column auto that I am in the process of converting to V8. I am using an FMX trans. How do I set up the neutral safety switch, as the FMX would normally have it in the T-bar shifter? Is there one already in the column shift for the Borg Warner trans?