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  1. Wilk

    crossflow balancer

    I'd be pretty happy with that sort of power given I haven't spent bucket loads on it! I read that the manifolds weren't the best on a few posts on here. Problem is we have to import everything as there are no outlets in NZ for anything to do with the Xflows. We do get the V8 stuff, so can get clevo rockers and windsor ARP bolts for the rods etc but it's almost cheaper to get them from you guys over the ditch! I'm hoping the Aussie Speed guys export to us so I can grab a 4 barrel manifold...I've never seen anyone over here with one! Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  2. Wilk

    crossflow balancer

    From what I've read and seen in this forums, they're good for much more! I'm hoping for around 140-150rwhp, but really don't know. Hoping you guys would be able to give me a bit of an idea based on your experience. I will go 4 barrel once I've got it running and enjoyed it over the Xmas break. Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  3. Wilk

    crossflow balancer

    Hi Gerg Thanks for that. Engine should be a bit of fun, mainly did it up just to reacquaint myself with them and build one up myself. Probably haven't done everything I should have, but is a bit of an experiment and looking to build another in the near future and tossing up between a strong N/A or Turbo. As for carby, 350 holley on a Cain manifold. We don't get a lot of aftermarket gear over here, so was looking at Aussie Speed 4 barrel manifold and I have a 465 vac sec carb lying around...thought this might be better once I get it running? Also, ignition is hall effect with msd 6al programmable unit. A few pics of the head I mucked around with. Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  4. Wilk

    crossflow balancer

    Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster! Firstly, this is one of the best forums around for info on the X Series Falcons for the guys across the ditch in NZ. I've got myself an XF after nearly 20 years of not owning one...marriage, kids and divorces certainly put pay to having any sort of toys! Anyway, thought i'd ask on here as this is the closest thread I could find relating to my question. I have rebuilt the engine, specs below: - 84da block std bore - Std 28cc (odd) pistions with Std rods - 218 -218 @50', 110 LSA, 495 lift HYD - C2 head - cleaned up, smoothed the intake and exhaust - polished the intake. Cleaned up the knob in the bowl to ease pinging. - 9.5:1 comp - Yella Terra Street Terra roller rockers - Modifying the water pump to go electric - Baffeling the sump by cutting an EF one apart - T5 that will eventually be mated up to an EF 3.45:1 diff Now for the questions: - Do I need a thermostat if going electric water pump? - I want to modify the PS to the Astra pump and alternator setup - Can an EF 96DA harmonic balancer be used on the 84DA crank? I'm hoping yes so that I can use the astra alternator with the serpintine belt and do away with the vee. My theory is that the I6's are all neutral balance, so the balancer, provided that it is neutral balance (96DA assumed to be neutral), should be fine given that the snout size etc is exactly the same. From what I can tell there are 2 differances - the height of the snout compared to the 84DA balancer and the weight is approx 650grams heavier. If I'm crazy and barking up the wrong tree, please tell me! Cheers guys