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    Cooling System Parts Questions

    The blue one goes to a splitter with one side going to part unknown and the other a port on the carb, the white I think was connected to the firewall but I discovered it disconnected, it was just sitting close to a port on the firewall with nothing attached hence the assumption.. the has an attachment size limit I cant attach the other pic but I can share via social if you like?
  2. El Dee

    Cooling System Parts Questions

    Nuh thats super interesting stuff, im studying my cert IV in aeroskills and even though Im working on gas turbines a lot of the theory is the same, so thanks for the very useful info!!
  3. El Dee

    Cooling System Parts Questions

    Very interesting Greg thanks for the reply good to keep in mind since I live in Wagga and temps can soar over summer, you definitely want your air-con working in that kind of heat! Do you think road worthy inspections will check for installation of an emissions reducing system like EGR?
  4. El Dee

    Cooling System Parts Questions

    Thanks for the info! Its going back around to the other side of the engine, I'll get some pics this arvo and also the other vacuum ports. I understand the function of these ports and Ive been reading a bit more in my Haynes manual, do you think this type of system has been added to negate the need for warming the engine before driving? I can imagine most people would want to just hop in and drive and not think about it..
  5. Bought my first falcon over the weekend, shes a 1986 XF, bodys in good nick and engine runs well, discovered this while I was going over it tho. Does anyone know what this part is called and/or its function? Im pretty sure the part below it is the temperature sensor in the thermostat housing. cheers =)