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  1. Dom

    wheel spacers

    thanks for the replies, will look into the e series wheels
  2. Dom

    wheel spacers

    in before wheel spacers are illegal (which i know) has anybody put wheel spacers on the rear of a series ll AU XR8 ute so that they arent so inboard of well body ute sides and did you go with 1.5 inches or 2 inches if so, did you have to roll the rear guards to stop any scrubbing issues my ute has stock tickford rims but lowered suspension (2 inch lower )
  3. just wondering if anybody has seen or knows if AU tickford style rims can come with a dish ( a bit more outside lip) or are there any after market dished rims that are close enough to tickford rims that you cant tell the difference
  4. oops just came across the answer in another post
  5. just after a bit of info i have a xf ute with drum brake diff and have come across a disc brake diff out of an xf s pak. Will i be able to just change over the internals so axles, centre and discs or will i have to swap over the whole housing as well which means cutting spring perches etc as the ute is leaf and the s pak diff is coils cheers
  6. Dom

    AU tickford mags on XF

    thanks for all the replys looks like i will chase up another set of rims that fit
  7. ok as topic suggests has anyone fitted these rims to their earlier model falcon how do i fit AU tickford mags on my XF ute rears fit but backspacing puts rim well inside guard so will have to fit spacers, but that then puts mag to far out to actually sit on the centre ring of axle which is illegal and dangerous fronts dont fit at all, mag will not go over hub centre and inner mag lip also hits top and bottom ball joints before even getting close to seating up against hub i quite like these mags and got a good set with caps for a good price would a different front stub axle/rear diff from a later model (XG/XH) bolt onto XF and sort the problem. (or am i dreaming) cheers