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    XH xr6 into XG

    Hi all, quiet year with no time to play with toy. I had fitted a secondhand I6 4.0 from an XH XR6 to my 94 auto XG keeping the log manifold and running XG timing. Now I have changed ECU to EL XR6 6TBA after setting base timing to suit. I have spark and fuel, the fuel pump starts running when ignition is turned on and smartlock light goes out. Interior light works too. Engine turns over well, but does not fire. Could it be dizzy or timing problem? I have checked wiringto the coil and zapped myself checking plug lead 1 both good so I figure coil ok too. I am yet to check injectors are pulsing as my youngest is finishing exams and my arms aren't long enough to reach them when turning over engine. Fuel line is connected correctly. I am not convinced it is a smartlock issue after reading the TI Performance diy guide. Just after some troubleshooting input from those who have done this before. Outback Jack mentioned in an older post that EL engine won't run without a MAF sensor, and XG has a MAP sensor, could this be an issue? Thanks for any help.