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  1. Fucking cuntstomers GMG. Prick comes in for RED coolant for a Subaru. Me "What sort of Subaru?", Him "A 2002 one", Me "ok, what model?", Him "the AWD one" (it was at this point I realised he was a certified fuckwit), Me "a lot of Subaru's are AWD, is it a Forester, Outback, Liberty?", Him "Liberty", Me "what engine, 2.0L or 2.5L?", Him "I dunno", Me "that's fine, they both take green coolant anyway", Him "well mine doesn't, it has red coolant", Me "and your car is specified to run green coolant", Him "my friend owned it since new, so it's definitely the red" At this point I was starting to see red. I remained externally calm and collected, getting good at that from dealing with cuntstomers all the time. I took the fucker to the coolant and of course the green is cheaper. Keeps banging on about the red. Then it gets interesting. "I'll take the green, it'll save me money. But I hope you know what you're talking about, because if this doesn't perform as well as the red, I'll be coming back after you", "is that right?" I go "I'm actually quite happy for you to go buy your coolant elsewhere, since you feel the need to talk to me like that". He starts back pedalling a bit, "I'll take the green then". "No, you put that back on the shelf and come with me a minute" (I'm starting to feel like I need coolant myself now) "why?", "Because I'm going to show you, on the computer, that your car takes green coolant once and for all since you feel the need to insult my knowledge on the matter. I've not long got rid of a 2003 Outback and I know what coolant it takes without looking at the book, that was purely for your benefit". The finale (thank fuck) "I'm going elsewhere, you're talking to me like I'm an idiot", me "....", "You're looking at me threateningly", me "...", "Stop looking at me like I'm stupid", me "...", "I'll be complaining about this", me "you enjoy your day sir, bye" (this reply seemed to irritate him more, was probably hoping for me to bite back and try and get me fired). And finally, the fucking idiot was gone. Actually that's an insult to the actual idiots of the world. This guy was some sort of super idiot. Anyway I went out the back and filed an incident report, gave the store management a heads up and told them if the area manager wants an apology letter to tell him to write it himself because my letter would be "I'm sorry you're a dumb cunt" and that'd be it. A co worker heard the entire incident and filed as a witness so even if he does "tart" the story up a bit my arse is covered. Fucking retail (For those that were following my last rants; the wife is now 18 and a bit weeks along. We have to see the specialist throughout, it's not been smooth sailing. Neither of us are remotely over what happened in April, so every little ache or pain seems to trigger massive worry. She copped Influenza A and was off for 3 weeks, was 0.3° out of hospital with fever at one point. The relief when we got to see the U/S. Man. But that was a few weeks ago now. So wife is distressed again and won't calm down till next scan, which is 20 week scan on 24th, hopefully it's all positive. Itll last 3 or 4 days before it starts again. I wish it was safe to have U/S every week as expensive as it is. I've applied for a desk job, waiting on security checks to come back and I'll either get an offer or not. It's 18 month contract, starting early next year so will be just in time. Pays better than both put together with me working casual and doing uni atm so there's that. That's too much good stuff in this post in this thread and I don't want to jinx us)
  2. Home made tools are the best. I needed a pinion flange "holder" to do my diff. Looked around my shed, Nek Minnut out comes the drill and a tyre lever and bam! flange holder.
  3. You mean this stuff? -
  4. Different sizing, different pricing. For a 245/35R19 it's something like $325 a tyre last time I looked at Jax. These tyres definitely don't deserve the Potenza name that's for sure.
  5. It'll be interesting to see how you find them. I fitted them to my wife's 2003 1.8L Turdrolla because, as you say, they are supposed to be the ducks nuts. And for the average driver I would agree. But anyone seeking these tyres for performance in the hills etc. I'd be inclined to say look elsewhere. At $139 a tyre I'm certainly not impressed.
  6. Could mods please add (or at least consider) adding a DOHC sub forum to the 6cyl forum? The DOHC conversions are becoming more popular, but not only that, there are members here with later model falcons. Barra info doesn't really fit in with the existing sohc sub forum. I apologise if this has already been asked and shot down.
  7. Following this, mate of mine is datto mad. Late 2006/early 2007 I had a SWB MQ Patrol with an L28. I was working in Wangara at the time and had a mate that worked at one of the import yards up the street and they put together a donk for me after I bought it cheap because motor was a bit average. Rebuild with Diesel crank (can't remember what rods, took it to 3.1L apparently), turbo manifold (z car mani I think) and turbo, decomp plate, 500 Holley (was on car when got it) with a boost hat thing and some internal fiddling. 3" exhaust with a hotdog. Bigger fuel pump etc. Result was 272hp at rears (33" tyres too) at a cost of $3500 (mates rates I was told). Whilst it was a fuel guzzler (had 2 spare Jerry cans full on bumper mount), it was an abso-fucking-lute beast, on and off road. I regret ever selling it to move to NSW, if I had the money to drive it across I would have. Sad part is, I've lost the old SD card (in the phone too) after a massive night on the turps. The video on the dyno, the skids, the wasting of skylines. It was one of my first cars, and the first one I ever extensively modified. As a teen I left school and went to work and threw my coin on stupid shit. This one wasn't stupid shit. As far as I know, the Troll was crashed and engine stripped.
  8. Would it be a waste of time fitting an AFR gauge after the catalytic converter? Tuners slap it up the pipe so surely not? Got a free bung there, so may as well use it if I can.
  9. Doing things I like was primarily why we got a boxing bag. I've always been a fat cnut, I don't have any issues doing things (other than fitting through small gaps) thankfully. My knee can cause me grief if I twist the wrong way with weight on it. My back is a bit how ya going. Stemmed from my old job (as well as industrial deafness. The ringing argh!) kicking myself as you do when you get older and more sensible. So I'm hoping to remove some risk of heart attack, give my knee and back a rest.
  10. Bonnet side vents are on the wrong sides too
  11. How much were the plugs?
  12. I put all our numbers on the do not call registry. Cut bullshit calls by about 95%. Usually the go fuck yourself you scummy cunt gets them to hang up quick. Or if I'm in the mood, I'll drag it out as long as I can so some other poor bugger doesn't get called. Then there's the time I have the phone to my (4yo) niece and she talked shit to them for 20 mins before they hung up.
  13. I don't have a scale, so I can't give an accurate starting weight. I don't have a fancy calorie tracker. Ever since I broke my knee (about 7 years ago now) I've piled on the kgs due to not being able to do certain exercise . Not been helped by tossing the smokes, then running a cafe and eating too much yummy food. Then just eating wrong. And then eating chocolate and other shit in an attempt to beat the lows. I'm not making excuses, I'm outlining the circumstances. It's my fault, and shit has to change. We've cut down on sugar in the house. From 2 teaspoons in coffee, I'm down to half. Wife is sugar free in tea, 1/4 in coffee. Eating fuckload of veggies, backed well off the cheese too. I have a treadmill I can't run on, but I walk on it at increased angle to get the burn. Which can be not good on my knee, and 1 day of good burn can lead to 2 days of no walking. I'd like to do swimming, but several reasons prevent this. So I just bought a boxing bag. Getting back into it will be good. Used to do a bit as a teenager and was good energy burner. These days can't skip but I'll combine with my walking. I'll have to work my way from short workouts up to bigger ones but all in good time. Wife's brother had a heart attack @ 42 and I don't want her to have to go through that again with me. I'll get scales soon but I'd estimate I'm over 130 at the moment. I'd just like to be 100 or under. It will take time but I just need to succeed this time.
  14. GMG - Telstra. Pay fuckload for their NBN service and get 0.15 up, 0.28 down in return. Going to Re-connect to see what the go is, they are better than telstra store. And life is still GMG. Last 3 months we've lost our baby, an uncle (knew it was coming, but doesn't help) and last Tuesday my brother in law. Poor bugger had a heart attack at 42. You can imagine the state my wife is in, let alone the general mood in our household. Topping that off, her grandpa is not doing well either. I wish I had a chance to look at the fucking chinaman we ran over.
  15. Nope, that price is for the slave and bleeder. Plus about $17 postage. Even Mal's full billet T56 CSC is only $240ish. You can pick up the Alloy camira slave for as low as $90ish. But to add a remote bleeder is about $60ish for a HEL brand by memory. So I bought Mals for the bleeder, next time I'll grab one without it and transfer it over. They should be changed with every new clutch. My clutch kit came with the plastic falcon one, I've shelved it for a spare. Edit - my mistake, it's a billet piston and $245