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XF high beam / Indicator switch

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I'd like to know where all the new genuine XF and XG headlights went?

Even back around 2005's, it was impossible to find new XG headlights.

I found one ONCE,

but silly me didn't purchase it, as only one side.


The XF and XG headlights, did have different part numbers -


XF Assembly

RH - XFN13005B

LH - XFN13006B


XG Assembly

RH - EDC13005A

LH - EDC13006A


XF/XG lense -

RH - XFN13011C

LH - XFN13011D


XF/XG reflector -

RH - XF13118A

LH - XF13119A


XF housing

RH - XF13H008A

LH - XF13H009A


XG housing

RH - EDC13H008A

LH - EDC13H009A

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1 hour ago, Mick.G said:

I just wanted some reflection......Had to try first B4 i threw them, away

i'd definitely consider painting them again with the base coat paint before buying the repros..would be much cheaper and probably work better even if not as shiny

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