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Help with dizzy wiring!

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G'day all,


Been lurking here a while but now I think ive found a problem someone already hasn't answered!


I'm trying to put a 1990 XF ute back together and hit a hurdle with the dizzy.  It's the unleaded carby est one.  When it's been stripped down, the wires have been pulled out of the three pin plug connecting to the module on the dizzy, and I cant for the life of me find what the correct pinout order is to put the plug back together.


Three wires are yellow/green, brown and black/orange(maybe pink?)


Can anyone assist or send me a photo of how the wiring is on their bus.




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Ground is Black/Orange.

Pin 1 on Dizzy.

Hall effects ground.


Supply is Brown.

Pin 3 on Dizzy.

Hall effects Power


Signal is Yellow/Green.

Pin 5 on Dizzy.

PIP signal from dizzy to ecu.


Here's a pic of connector set up.....



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Absolute bloody legend, much appreciated. Is that a workshop manual jack?  I've got a copy of the Gregory's manual and it's got very little detail.

Yeah mate, its the Ford workshop manual for XF. My pleasure.

But actually it's a Nissan workshop manual for the XFN Nissan ute which was a rebadged Ford XF.

But it's the only available way to get a proper XF workshop manual for Ute's.

Most of the stuff for sedans is the same.



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