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450 quickfuel installation help

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Hi all the next job on my xflow is putting the 4 barrel manifold and carby on can anyone help with what vacuum lines I will need and where to connect them to. And what vacuum lines and pvs I can remove when I take the Webber off.

It was a auto but is now a manual



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Easy , get rid of all of it . How many hoses are coming out of the firewall ? 
you will need to hook up some of the hoses out of the firewall to make the dash controls work 

what distributor are you using ? 

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On 11/1/2020 at 3:11 PM, Luke13 said:

Yes but the AC isn't working but is exactly the same as in the pics. And I don't plan on fixing it 


if you are changing manifold and carby you'll only have a few things to hook up.. 

  • vacuum for the brake booster.. 
  • vacuum to the hose into the dash (runs the vents and stuff) the other hose coming out of the dash is heater tap.
  • vacuum to the dizzy advance from a ported (becomes vacuum once the throttle is above idle) 


you should be able to connect the charcoal canister up somewhere but @gerg probably has a better idea on that. and the PCV valve is probably another you'd have to figure out with someone elses help. 
you could try replicate all those hoses for a stock look perhaps, but the carby and manifold probably wouldn't have enough outlets on it to even come close



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