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Fuel pump question

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Just an update, I had to wait for the weather to clear up (no luxury garage :) ), I pulled the rad and then balancer/timing cover off and realigned to tdc which the mark on the pulley was about 30 mm out so outback jack was correct around 12 o'clock was good

I put it all back togther with new timing cover gasket/seal and said a few hell marys and turn the key and it purred like a cat

warmed it up and put it into timing mode which took a few goes (knew something was going to go wrong it was going too well :) )

Set it to 5deg and through some 98 fuel it it and it is like a new motor.

Cheers and thank you fro everyones help

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Good stuff Wokko, glad it came good for you. Base timing is 10 degrees BTDC. So you may have it a bit retarded.
You should notice a difference again from changing that.
So happy for ya mate :).
I love it when a plan comes together!

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