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  1. wokko

    coil ohms range

    What ohms range should I be getting on my 93 XG falcon ute coil ? I have three coils here all get 01.3 - 01.5 ohms minus 0.5 multimeter resistance so 0,8 - 1.0 one was off my ea falcon which was working fine but produces no spark on my XG ??? one which looks brand new which came with the car which was part of a kit dizzy/coil rae brand from repco the other was on the car all don't produce spark well not that I can see by myself
  2. wokko

    Ecu advice

    Just an update I done the distributor cap as per this http://rae.com.au/assets/Uploads/Ford-CFI-MPI-Distributors-key-inspection-notes.pdf wondering if this is correct for my 93 xg ute ?
  3. wokko

    Ecu advice

    Yeah all clip on fine and got 8mm bosch leads, there were 10mm bosch leads that i was going to grab but original ones were 8mm so went with them packed up for the day, will have a look tomorrow. I think I will pull no 1 spark plug and spin crank to tdc and check rotor to verify all is good with dizy/cap. I know there is someone silly I've done somewhere which I'll find one day
  4. wokko

    Ecu advice

    Pretty sure I did check prior but not 100% sure as it was hard to see under there, I had a piece of paper from the box that had the new dizzy in when the last owners apparently put it in and it had some diagram of the dizzy so I went of that.
  5. wokko

    Ecu advice

    mmm, I wondering now if I put the leads back on the right spots on the dizzy cap. going off firing order on inlet 153624 number 1 on cap I have is the first one on the left of the wiring connector, then going clockwise 153624 could someone verify this is correct as I can't find a pic on google for the cap locations
  6. wokko

    Ecu advice

    Kool, hope so will check wiring hoses as I was playing around with putting leads on the dizzy (what a job that is... poor design).
  7. wokko

    Ecu advice

    Yes I did, as the battery was on a charger
  8. wokko

    Ecu advice

    If I removed my ecu from my 93 XG falcon ute and put it back in say a couple of days later, do you need to do anything before you start the motor? I just got it running from a starting issue I had and I decided I would fix some of the wiring someone had cut + joined on the ecu loom. Which is why I had removed ecu, but now it seems that the timing is way out and the car wont start and if it does, it sounds like the timing is way out of whack.
  9. wokko

    (Solved) Xg Starting issues

    Probably was the relay, I'll test another one tomorrow to see what the go is, but it does seem strange both the ea and xg relays did the same on both cars, not connected to fender and no prime, connect to fender and it primes.... possibly a X-file :)
  10. wokko

    (Solved) Xg Starting issues

    Update First thanks to everyone for there help The issue was the fuel relay bracket I tested the relay on my ea falcon but this time I was lazy and didn't screw the relay back onto the fender before I tested the relay and the same thing happened as my xg, no priming when the ignition was turned on. So I grabbed the ea relay with the bracket on it and put it on the xg and screwed it to the fender and all systems go so that bracket must have some sort of grounding effect for the relay ?????
  11. wokko

    Megasquirt into XF EFI

    I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure Megasquirt uses a map sensor instead of maf sensor
  12. wokko

    (Solved) Xg Starting issues

    Might be on to something there as whoever done the wiring for the lpg/petrol switch did run a wire off the back of the diagnostic plug (top right pin of plug)
  13. wokko

    (Solved) Xg Starting issues

    That was my plan for tomorrow, forgot about earth near dizzy will look at that one too, cheers
  14. wokko

    (Solved) Xg Starting issues

    mine has no smartlock I think as it has the window for it in the cluster but never lights up so I should be fine with early nineties up to my 1993 without smartlock
  15. wokko

    93 xg ute smartlock or not

    Progress, I removed all wiring for lpg and reconnected where lpg was spliced in the loom, so now have power to injectors but ignition don't want to prime the system. It did once when I played around with relay and it started and ran nice but now no priming when ignition is turned on. Did the cluster come default with the small rectangle 'smart lock' window as I have just noticed with the glare of the sun it has the window for it in the cluster (first one bottom left hand side) but it never lights up when ignition is switched on.???