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Hi Fellas,


New to the forum and chasing some info from guys that have upgraded their front drums on an XR Falcon.


I've read a few posts about different options and ways to go about this, ultimately chasing the most cost effective option at the moment to get her on the road. Car is a 1966 170 6 cylinder ute.


What stubs, rotors and calipers have people used? Also what booster and master cylinder will bolt straight up to get her going - car runs no booster at the moment,


Also rim size to clear rotors/calipers once fitted up.


Sorry for the noob questions - never played with one of these and not sure of parts crossover etc..


All help greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.

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G'day mate, and welcome. Never done the conversion myself, but XF stubs are the way to go apparently. I seem to remember that there are some subtle differences in geometry from the earlier Falcons, quite possibly in the kingpin angle, steering arm angle (Ackerman) or the stub axle height.

With this, you get one piece disc and hub (as opposed to the earlier XB type that had separate disc and hub), also alloy calipers and many options for the disc itself (slotted, etc).

The ultimate setup for yours would be one from a mob like Hoppers Stoppers, using a twin piston caliper that would be a nice, OEM-looking upgrade but still be able to fit 14" wheels on if needed. Not cheap, but brakes never are.

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i've seen some conversions on these on Australian ford forums, been a long time since i've seen updates on any particular project https://fordforums.com.au/forumdisplay.php?f=111


a few i've seen, and one i liked in particular was XA drums on the front, with XP ute wheels(5 stud)  and a centura diff i think (falcon pattern) 


otherwise, the XA to XF discs bolt on using the stub axles from same model, but i believe this needs mods and also causes bump steer? 

there is a disc brake kit that bolts on to the early stub axles(may need to be XP, cant remember) 

if you don't mind a search(use the search feature) on forums, you'll probably find it in the link above . 

depends on the extent of mods/budget/use.. there's options


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Thanks for the response fellas,


Yeah looking to see what I can get away with on a fairly slim budget to get her on the road,


Previous owner has done a weird job at the front and replaced the left hand front corner with a disc brake stub and a disc but no caliper or brake lines...... and the rh side is still standard drum setup...


Anybody got a standard left hand front Drum stub and drum brake assembly to suit a "66 XR????

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