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  1. Thanks for the response fellas, Yeah looking to see what I can get away with on a fairly slim budget to get her on the road, Previous owner has done a weird job at the front and replaced the left hand front corner with a disc brake stub and a disc but no caliper or brake lines...... and the rh side is still standard drum setup... Anybody got a standard left hand front Drum stub and drum brake assembly to suit a "66 XR????
  2. Hi Fellas, New to the forum and chasing some info from guys that have upgraded their front drums on an XR Falcon. I've read a few posts about different options and ways to go about this, ultimately chasing the most cost effective option at the moment to get her on the road. Car is a 1966 170 6 cylinder ute. What stubs, rotors and calipers have people used? Also what booster and master cylinder will bolt straight up to get her going - car runs no booster at the moment, Also rim size to clear rotors/calipers once fitted up. Sorry for the noob questions - never played with one of these and not sure of parts crossover etc.. All help greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.