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Xg fuel gauge issue

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Hi guys I'm having trouble with the fuel gauge in my xg,usually when I start it up it says it's 100% for a while then eventually the gauge drops to empty,could it be the cluster (odo doesn't work and temp gauge can be funny too) or the sender unit?

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i'm interested in this topic/possible thoughts  as well, got similar issues on an EB wagon...

the temp gauge only goes so far up regardless of actual temp, and fuel gauge randomly works, but usually on empty

I changed out the old dash for a NOS one, It worked for about 30 seconds, then blew an illumination globe, fuel gauge back to empty

checked/changed the fuses, same problems so its wiring or senders for the wagon I assume

needs to use up the fuel in the tank before I can drop the sender unit out to check that

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