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amp and sub and new icc in a ba ghia

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have a ba ghia and was wondering the best way to install a aftermarket amp and sub ready for a aftermarket android dash icc/aftermarket head unit replacement.

where the factory amp is can you unplug the connector and is there a sub output that goes from icc to amp you can use to connect to aftermarket amp and ifso do you need a line to rca converter and ifso which one.

at the factory amp connector there would be input wires from icc, could you use them with a rca converter for aftermarket amp.

or can you just get the line converter that goes on the rear speakers and run rca cable to amp from that.

obviously you'll have to remove factory amp to install aftermarket amp and if you bypass the icc then youll just be able to run twin rca cable.

the android units have one rca for factory amp and sub and rca front and rca rear out but no rca aftermarket amp, could you use the rear or front out to go to aftermarket amp.

what would yous do out of getting the complete replacement aftermarket icc and leaving the factory one and hope the icc doesnt go, and getting the double din touch screen that has a single din mounting like the sony https://www.universalfuze.com.au/son...-and-dab-radio headunit.

if you go something like https://www.universalfuze.com.au/son...-and-dab-radio what steering wheel control module would you need. does it have gps built in and how would you go about a spot to put things as that would take up whole area and you loose the tissue box.

also if you go the complete aftermarket deck will cutting the speaker cables blow up the icc and how would you stop that chance of it happening.

if you put bullet terminals on dont spose itd take much to put back to factory wires so aftermarket icc works.

with these aftermarket icc whats the sound output quality like and are you better going that way and just have a single din cd player and connect that through aux so you can play occasional cds.

thanks for any help/answers/for reading this

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Google ASL Auto media.

They supplied Ford, with the EF-BF media equipment I believe.


They have a large range of products to interface with the factory ICC and related equipment.

Most if not all of it, is plug and play.

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