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install front parking camera and rear view camera for van/trailer

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just a question. how do you remove rearvision mirror from a ba/bf to attach the camera mirror monitor replacement that part of it changes to a screen when power is put to it.

are the ebay dual screen replacenent ones any good in quality? what about the parkmate ones or the ford ones for a ranger or something, will they fit where the ba/bf one was.

can you get dual screen mirror monitors that fit a ba so you can have front camera on one half when parking and when you got trailer or van on the other side comes on?

with the ones that clip onto the existing mirror is the quality good? are the ebay ones good? and do all the clip on mirror monitors have the auto dim?

thanks for any information

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An xe Ghia is certainly a wise choice. Just don’t break the headlights as they’re hard to obtain and expensive.

apparently a few drops of oil down inside the cam sync can alleviate the symptoms of a dying cam sync, but a new one is only $30-40 plus freight out of the states.

But the profile ‘number’ is measured different to the rest of the numbers.
Eg 245/60x15. whilst the ‘245’ and the ‘15’ are clear measurements the profile is a percentage of the width measurement.
And that’s ignoring the whole mindfuck of using mm and inches in the same description...

Clearly, oils ain’t oils.

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On 4/6/2019 at 6:04 PM, car10001 said:

what about information for the questions asked for the cameras


On my AU the monitor (rear view mirror ) just clips onto the existing rear view mirror 

and has provisions for 2 cameras one activated by selecting reverse the other by turning the unit on 

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