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XC XD REAR caliper piston thread inserts. Handbrake adjuster.

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Anyone got any old XC/XD rear caliper pistons..??   Apparently the new ones dont come with the threaded part in the centre to allow the handbrake to work...... Who knew.?

Got new pistons, #2268, but they are empty on the back.  Need the threaded insert and the circlip that holds them in place.  Some numpty (ME !) threw the old ones out months ago, thinking I would just buy new ones......

Look like these fella's......

XD rear caliper


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     I have been trying to identify what model my rear calipers are off and seen your thread.  If those calipers are XC/XD what might these ones be off I thought mine were XD but have different end on hand brake levers.  Need to get cables made to suit but not sure what they are off.  Calipers look the same just have different style ends where the Cables attach.                                                                                                                                                                                     . DSC02066.JPG.ad2c4735bd8ad5ff454cf7863097a526.JPG 

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