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Show us ya Spotties/Lightbar !!

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As the title suggests! 

What Do you have on the front of your car to help see thru fog or help see kangeroos ect ? 


I am going to mount a lightbar to my Ed Xr6 , i drive past a kangeroo area on the way to work and ive hit more than a few in the last few years :(

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Im guessing you have these on your car?

You can get these in REPCO or most hardware stores.

They work ok but must not be placed more than 1 meter apart, the noise omitted has to overlap for best result.

Get this brand and make, they are better made than the el cheapo plastic jobbies.





You could get one of these, they work great, skippy will hop away when he or she hears it.

These do have one pitfall tho and that is the speakers.

Will prolly need replacing after 3 years.



(check the warranty details before you buy)

A work mate has both these on his RAV 4 and lives out the back of bum fook skippy ville and he always tells us of his near misses.

At least buy the lion sonic repellers for your Ford.


Light bars.

Repco has them on special till this sunday, "The Big Red" brand and they pretty good.

I have tho seen great results from cheap light bars from evil bay. 

I have been to 2 demo nights on light bars from 

Great white and Big Red and we compared these lights with some el cheapo ebay stuff

and we were greatly impressed buy some of the evil bay gear.

Again pitfalls with some of the el cheapo stuff, one guy found his light bar wasn't water proof so had to seal it up with silastic

and another had 1 LED go on him making his light bar look odd.

Narva also do light bars but i haven't seen them in action.


I find im always giving my air horns a 'toot' at night if im out the country as they good skippy scarers to 

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Here's what I made for my wagon, it wasn't finished in the pic but basically looks the same but with no wires showing. I did mean for the lights to tuck a bit more into the grill which I will fix up over the summer when I don't need them to drive to work which is the only "night" driving I do.

Each light is $50 off ebay and is rated at 5400 lumens, that's bullshit but they are a pretty good light and shine a good distance down the road compared to most led light bars. They are an 8 degree spot beam so it fairly concentrated beam but when adjusted right they show the road and 20 metres either side of the road at 500-600 metres easily (will light up the road 800-900 metres ahead on a hill or incline). They aren't as good as a large top dollar spotlight like lightforce but are pretty damn good for $100. Best part is if one gets damaged you only have to replace 1 not a single large light bar (expensive) or buy 2 lights in a pair.



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Light bars and roo whistlers are the way to go. I have roo whistles on all my cars i take country and havent hit a roo since. Light bars are very helpful as the point in the 3 different directions to light up 180 Degrees basically.


Getting better lights as well will help, theres quite a few people to modify their facotry lights with more earth wires and the like and get more light out of them. then theres the HID kits.....

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