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C4 to Tremec TKO600 XE conversion

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Hey falc-a-holics 

I’m about to convert my XE running Clevo and C4 to Clevo and Tremec TKO600 

I have an RTS flywheel, Lakewood (LLK9000K) bell. Just need to know if I can use the C4 crossmember and mount as I’ve been told it should fit

Appreciate your help 

cheers Matt




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I know its not in a falcon, but the TKO 600 in my dads model a uses the same trans mount as it did with a T5 the holes did have to be slotted to get the trans mount in the right spot, using a McLeod scattershield and stock length input shaft the shifter came out in the same location as the t5 shifter did



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