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Help me find the right water temp sensor for my Falcon

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Bare with my because my car is a bit of a Frankenfalcon. My water temp sensor broke (terminal snapped off) and I'm trying to figure out what to buy.


The ute is an XF. It has this dash which I think(?) is an S-pack dash, which I don't think is stock.




The engine is a 351C, obviously not stock.

The temp sensor goes into the water neck (sensor on left, fan switch on right).




I figured since it's a Falcon dash and water is water I should order a Falcon temp sensor so I bought a TTS010. I fitted it but the temp is displaying in the middle of the dial (pictured above) while cool and "overheats" from normal usage. Cooling system is definitely good.


The previously working temp sender has the following marks on it. I googled that part number and it indicates it's this unit with a totally different fitting.







Any ideas?

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Dont worry too much about the fitting/terminal, just cut off the spade or whatever on your wiring, and solder on the correct terminal for the sender. Clevo temp sender usually goes in the front of the block, left hand side of the water pump. Sounds like you just need the sender to operate in a different range. @SPArKy_Dave Do you know what Ohms etc might suit..?

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TTS010, is XD/XE Cleveland - (XD/XE gauges use lower resistance senders)

U need to run an XF temp sender, for the XF dash cluster


I think around 60ohms, = mid-way on XF temp gauges, and 35ohms = Max/Hot


Tridon TTS037 should be the one u need. (thread/post terminal)


VDO 320.093 (OEM)


FuelMiser CTS144

Undo the thread adaptor from ur old sensor, and re-use it (Crossflow 1/8 - 27NPT to Cleveland 3/8 - 18NPT)

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