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Found 1 result

  1. waderobertson

    A few electrical issues

    Slowly working my way through a number of electrical issues with the XF (among a plethora of other work ons!) A couple of questions for today... Washer motor I've run into a dead end on this. Washer motor works when bridged on the battery. There is power going to the washer motor plug in the engine bay (yellow/violet wire). The brass contacts in the wiper stem are touching when pressed (when I push them together with a voltmeter there is a slight current registering). Wipers themselves work fine and I have traced/ checked all the plug connections. However, when I connect the washer motor and press the button, no life. Is there anything I'm missing here? The wiring diagrams turn my eyelids inside out but I have stared at them for ages trying to figure out if there's a fuse/relay I've missed or something else I should be checking... Rear window demist I have this relay connected to the rear window demist/ heater. It's buggered. Looking at the wiring diagram it looks like this is an aftermarket addition so hoping I can bin in and reconnect the voilet/ white wire without issue...? You'll see below that I bridged the relay and the heater works sweet as, just don't want to inadvertently cause another issue for myself.