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  1. JG33PU99374K Stolen from Levin, NZ. 6/1/2014. The late Peter that owned the XBGT passed away in 2012 and was in the past, a valued customer of mine. His widow, Mary, is devastated.. It was always in immaculate condition. Cheers.
  2. Sold the XF Fairmont and got this for the lady, 1997 EL Ghia, ticky 6, leather, standard as....for now. Cheers, Brendon
  3. Quick update, Ute is now on 14" tridents with 235/60/14 tyres. Bolt straight on, no rubbing or caliper rubbing. Cheers, Brendon
  4. Some fresh pics of the XR8 Cheers, Brendon
  5. Hey all, here's some pics from the CHCH brekky, 3/11/2013. Our XF in this one. Also, my XR8 in last 2 pics. Cheers, Brendon
  6. Nice work Chris, ute looks nice and level with the trailer on. Awesome. Cheers, Brendon
  7. Nice pick up mate, had a few xa coupes myself over the years. Fairmont coupes got JG67 ( GT got JG66, and falcon coupe got JG65 ) for their chassis code/block number, yours is JG37 so that motor is out of a fairlane. Cheers, Brendon
  11. Coming along really well mate. Looks good. Cheers.
  12. Another one I have just got. 1984 XE Fairmont. This one is just a general tidy up and suspension work. Cheers, Brendon
  13. 1000kms, nice mate. That's what I did when I drove my XR8 ute back home from where I picked it up from. Easy as. My bucket list for next year ya reckon mate? lol.
  14. Awesome Mark, looks like ya had a great time mate. Thanks for the pics. That XH was a nice clean example too! Yup im biased lol. Cheers, Brendon